The girls =D

This is a very backdated post. But still, its good memories that should be jotted down =)IMG_4021So there was this Saturday. A slumber party was planned. BUT. EVERYONE. PULLED. OUT. And don’t know why. THINGS. WORKED. AGAIN. But just with Caroline, Syaz and Yumni.IMG_4024They came and we feasted on pizza. A note: when you are hungry, till you think you can eat a whole elephant *trust me*, you will not be able to! Order MODERATELY lolIMG_4056And lots of hoo-haas thereafter before Yong came over to eat pizzas too! And yes, we did clear the pizza =) *Thanks Yong!* And we went for a late night movie. THE LOSERS. I think it was nice =) IMG_4028After movie fun was late night drinks and also buzzing around Sunway. Ok, we did not go around Sunway lah but we was out in the car experiencing some of Yong’s “experienced” driving! LOL.IMG_4031The funniest was the toilet incident. I shall not let the cat out of the bag. It will always be etched in my memories. Such funny things! HOW CAN I FORGET? Even if I do, a slight reminder is sufficient to bring them all back! HAHAIMG_4052We all got back to my unit, except for Yong. Caroline slept pretty swiftly as she needs to attend church. Three remaining three of us fooled around but eventually Yumni fell asleep. OH MY, it was like just FIVE MINUTES? LOL And Syaz follow suit! I stayed up nonetheless till 5am! haha…IMG_4025Succumbed to sleep and woke at 9am. Left at about 10am to Taman Tun Dr Ismail. Had a brunch and got over to Syaz. Something happened. Pretty emotional but it is all good now. I can never stand seeing people cry, I tend to cry along. I feel the feelings and pain. =( Lucky its all over now. =)IMG_4037Yumni rushed me home so I could meet with Michelle and her cousin. Albeit late, I got to ACTS. Sorry to make them wait for me =( It was a nice session. Ada nice carrot cakes! HAHA But it is really nice listening to stories, if you get what I mean =)       IMG_4040    More posts coming up,

The one who needs to do her work which is coming like tsunami! ><


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