This is kind of a pointless post. I post cause I feel like it is time to update it. Yet I do not have enough time to blog a proper full blog post because I am going out in like fifteen minutes?

So a quick one. I have been really busy last week and perhaps would be after Tuesday of this week. Or should I say I should be more hardworking and get things done RIGHT NOW? HAHA… but anyway, the main points to be addressed…

(1) I had a fantastic night with a whole bunch of people last night. It feels so great to gather in large groups and play pointless games than doing the homework. Ok, it is not pointless games but still xP HAHA It was an advanced birthday surprise for Chee Sian. Hope he is forever 21! xP

(2) I finally got to sleep for eight hours. So energised now =) Maybe it was not a natural sleep. It simply had been too long that I could sleep properly and non-alertly! Usually, I will suddenly wake up with a shock after four or five hours of sleep. Last night was a good night. Maybe because of the Piriton I took. Yes, allergy because more than ten mosquitoes attacked me and triggered a mini reaction. No, I am serious. But I am all good now =D

(3) ANN WILL BE IN TOWN FOR ABOUT FIVE DAYS! She will be arriving later in the evening. She just told me only. Probably because I am going to pester her for a whole month before she arrives had she told me earlier, so she just only told me last night. AN OFFLINE MESSAGE SOME MORE. I was so reluctant to on MSN already but felt compelled to. And I was so happy because of the message she sent! =)

Ok, its 1, 2 and 3 today! xP

Have a great Sunday!

The one who is going out for a girlie day out! =)


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