I know. This is so improper. I have tonnes to talk about and to jot down on! But just the situation now does not allow.

I have millions of stuff undone and this includes blogging. But in terms of priority, I think my studies should always come first. Or perhaps, its my health? I feel like I am back to the the times before my first year. I have always been sick, like there are four or five seasons every year for this. I never like being sick but I love the visits to hospital. I KNOW, I MUST BE CRAZY LOL

During my first year, I never, or most probably its so rare that I forgot, that I fall sick. Second year was another case when I was diagnosed differently from those little sickness. It was also due to the different situation/environment I was in then. The mental health was to be more defined there and then. Anyway how, third year here and I am like constantly sick. How long has it been?

I am sick of being sick. I am sick of eating medicines. I am sick of the feeling of lack of accomplishment when you are sick. I am sick of the inability to wake up due to being too sick to do work and hence no work done. I am sick of all these. And the work load as a science student in Monash University, SUNWAY (only!) is crazy.

Workload to be completed:

(1) GEN 3030 full report – segmentation genes

(2) GEN3030 full report – homeotic genes

(3) GEN3030 full report – zebrafish

(4) SCI2010 Lit Rev – 1500 essays with 25 – 30 journals to read up on (!!!)

(5) SCI3716 Assignment 5

(6) BTH3752 full report – constituting 30% o.O

(7) GEN3030 exam – problem sets (gah!!!)

(8) BTH3752 exam – practical exams (haih)

I need an elf!

The one who must stay sane instead of sick! =(


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