The crazy times before the thunderstorms

Exams will be here very soon. And as usual, I will be thinking of what to do after exams. The holidays can be such a great motivational force. =D Planned to go to a few places with my friends and I hope its going to be a fun one.

I know I should rest more and get those little bugs out of my system. Be healthy again. I do not know if having a chronic illness means I cannot be fully healthy or not. Albeit the pain, if I feel happy and good, I think that should be deemed as healthy?

Anyway, family is worried but I do not know what could be done. I have been trying my best to take care of myself. But living out sometimes means not everything is easy. I try my best but its never the best to my family. It is kind of hard at times. Well, it also means there is no maid living in with me! (!!!)

Ok, back to exams! EXAMS! Exactly! It is so near yet so far. No revision can be done yet because of the crazy workload. Here I am again to spam about my workload. Just finished two reports and the list still seems as long!

Workload to be completed:

(1) GEN 3030 full report – segmentation genes

(2) GEN3030 full report – homeotic genes

(3) GEN3030 full report – zebrafish

(4) SCI2010 Lit Rev – 1500 essays with 25 – 30 journals to read up on (!!!)

(5) SCI3716 Assignment 5

(6) BTH3752 full report – constituting 30% o.O

(7) GEN3030 exam – problem sets (gah!!!)

(8) BTH3752 exam – practical exams (haih)

(9) BTH3752 MBB Log Book

(10) SCI3716 Industrial Waste Review Questions

Please send me an angel,

The one who is in dire need of an elf to help her do her work! Or just to scrutinize her! ><


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  1. 1

    Caroline said,

    Do we have BTH3752 full report??I thought it was just the short report only@.@

    • 2

      CC said,

      opps! sorry. i copied paste the thing and change the units name LOL. its the one with results and discussion. still same i think =) hehe

      how is ur workload?


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