Paintball Tourny

PUTRA JAYA! It is at Putra Jaya. My very first time there and it was so pretty =) I did not have the chance to really look at it but just the ambience was good. Even air seems fresher! LOL   IMG_4321Ok, back to the Paintball Tournament. I do not know what is the name of the tournament exactly but it was the second one that team Cyanide joins but in terms of the scale of the tournament, it is considered their first official one.IMG_4330There were simply too many good players/teams there that they did not make it to the second day of the tournament. Only the top sixteen of the forty over teams would proceed to the Sunday one.IMG_4331Anyway, it was a very sudden thing that I went. I wanted to go but thought I would not have the chance to. Suddenly Mun Keat asked if I wanted to go. IMG_4299I was overjoyed. Cannot contain them even though I was talking to him virtually only! I do not know why he suddenly wanted to go. All I know is I got to see PUTRA JAYA and them playing in the tournament.IMG_4332Wen Hao kept asking if I regret going. I seriously do not feel so. It was nice seeing so many paintball fanatics. IMG_4320I do not know if they are fanatics but just seeing someone working it out in a hobby/sport or whatever is a kind of happy feeling.IMG_4363I walked around the two fields snapping pictures and seeing how LIGHTNING FAST the teams got one another down. Not tiring but it was just HOT. I did not realise I got sunburnt =.= Very light sunburns only on shoulders. Now the two tone skin tone is very obvious HAHA [Will be able to see that in pictures of me when I was a Chee Sian’s house the very night – another post]IMG_4369Putra Jaya, although very pretty seems like there is not much place to visit. We went a big round to get to a place for lunch. It was their FIRST day! LOL But no, we did not get special treatment or what. Haha… the food was… I do not know. It is not awesome and nothing fantastic. Just too spicy!IMG_4356After that two and a half hours break, we went back to the tournament site. Mun Keat’s car got stuck in mud >< IMG_4365The weather was fine, not raining but perhaps from last night? The place was very muddy all over that I had to hems of my pants and polish my shoes when I got to Khoo’s place! IMG_4367Anyway, they sort it out using cardboard boxes. =D IMG_4400Team Cyanide continued with their matches. They played six matches in total. And lost them all =( Its ok! You all will train more and excel another time round 😉IMG_4391And this is Mun Keat bullying little kids. He made them collect unused pellets and throw them at me! TSK! But, still, thanks to him for the invite =)IMG_4417That happened on 15th of May 2010,

The one who still wants to try having a closer look of the bridges!


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    KCY said,

    Hahahaha… Wen Hao’s quote, “CC do u regret coming along? tis sentence still deep inside me”. hahaha… Thanks for posting =) Cyanide shall be bak! hahaha….

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