A Quickie

Hello everyone. No, I am not dead yet. No, I am not very busy. Just been sick and lazy. Ok, minor sickness, nothing to worry about 😉 We go by ten points today too alright? =D

1. I am now waiting for a taxi to get me to KL. Going to stay there for two days 😉 But apparently, there is not taxi =( I am still waiting and hope there will be one soon.

2. I had a gastric attack. Consider moderate but it made me uncomfortable for quite some time. Well, I forgot it was time to eat and went to brush my teeth. Flossed already even! Lazy to crawl out of bed just to get a bite. Woke every two hours thereafter due to intense pain. The medication did not help. I do not have my strong medication with me ><

3. I survived last week! Oh god, how the exams and assignments were packed in just three days. My my… but this also means the finals are coming soon. No, I am not prepared yet. Not going to start this weekend too. Probably after this KL fun! 😉

4. I still have one last laboratory report to do. It is kinda troublesome because… the things are just UNEXPLAINABLE! Gahhh! I need help with that. Oh well, we shall see!

5. My owner apparently put my name up on two websites to advertise to let the rooms available in this unit. So far, response is good but then none really confirmed. And I think I have the right to choose who to stay with me right? xP

6. We celebrated Hayden’s 22nd. It was no surprise or anything but it was fun gathering to eat 😉 That will be for another post ok? =D

7. I washed all my jackets and cannot believe still that I have got so much for such hot weather. I think I am still living my Paris dream LOL. Ok, I was reality but can now be considered a dream since I am not going to go there anytime soon.

8. AND… I bought my ticket back to Brunei for a few days. I wanted my sister to tell my uncle about it before she buy. But she did not want to because she said my uncle will get annoyed with her. My uncle never ever get annoyed with me when I mention about anything! Tsk. And now she bought the ticket already, I told my uncle. HE SAYS HE COULD HAVE GOTTEN FREE AIR TICKET! WTH?! Oh well, nevermind! =S

9. It was Wesak Day yesterday and I let myself chill at home. Watched a Korean drama. Almost finishing 😉 It was quite boring at start but getting nicer. But still, I have like five more episodes. Will maybe finish it while at the hotel today or tomorrow 😉

10. And I still cannot find taxi =( Time is running out! DAMN! HOW HOW HOW? =(

Please give me a taxi NOW,

The one who should be in KL NOW! =(


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