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The chat

I typed a whole lot of thing but just realised I should not post them up. It was the feelings I had after a little chat I had prior to having a mass celebration at Amp Square. Not that I have anything to fear. It is just the fact that I realised I lost you from my side for quite some time already. Still putting out a whole long passage about how much you brighten up my life would no longer make a difference anymore.

Things will never be the same now. I know I made the right choice and I hope you made the right choice. She would be the Ms Right for you, I guess? But sometimes, I still miss you a lot.

Like, I really do miss you. I miss a lot of people daily. I think I am those very manja person many a times. Just depend on who I show it to. But me missing you is sometimes very different. I do not know. I felt I lost “something”.

It would be so selfish to get everything for myself and hold on to you when I have no intention on letting you be happy (happiness in the sense of how you wanted it to be). Though I lost you, I think I still made the right choice for you should be happier now.SPECIAL_FRIENDSHIPS I still miss you. And thank you for being such a great friend still. Always spending time to chat with me, keeping me sane. Albeit wanting to sleep early, still stay up to chat with me at times.  Accompanying me play Minesweeper during my exam period albeit you know nothing of it and also have exams too. The fact that you still patiently play a few rounds with me made me feel like I have not lose you yet. Untitled But no worries, I am clear minded, you belong no more to me. Not like you ever belong-ed to me, right? Anyway, the fact that with such a long distance in between you and me, you still care, you still ask, you still make me laugh.

Every little bit of memories between you and me for that one year plus will be treasured. Thank you very much for everything.

Very grateful,

The one who is really blessed.


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The busyness now is going to end soon. Less than 24 hours. I have this urge to blog this out. I cannot even stand another minute of having to think about this alone.

It was not long, just days. But its enough to give me the heartache. My mind is flooded with your image. Your words. Your smiles. And sometimes I thought I smelt you. How do you smell like actually? So vague. HAHAimaginary playmates Sometimes… missing you can be hard. Not knowing what you are doing and who you are with. I should have seen this coming frequently. But just this small period, intensified it.

Yet another type of busyness is coming soon. But I am also kind of glad this “busyness” is heading my way. I am a person who needs the fun, comfort and relaxation in life!

Maybe when these “busyness” flood my way, this heartache won’t be so intense anymore. Is it a good thing? Or perhaps a bad one?


The one who have not much will to fight the last battle.

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I do not know why…

I really do not know why. But some time ago (I actually forgot when), I imported all my old posts from the old blogs into this blog. All are integrated. Even from my secret blog. But of course, when it is here, it is all password protected xP

I have decided to make peace with my past. Nothing that I blogged previously should be hidden from myself anymore. I should face my past bravely and accept that nowadays is certainly different from my past.sleeping doggieee I know the years used to be less stressful, more joyous and have better sketched memories. But I must be positive enough to face them and make sure that in the future, I have way more beautiful memories.


The one who is fighting a battle with Molecular Biology and Biotechnology!

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Sometimes you never know when you put people into a bad situation. Like, you did not realise it. But then, it was really you who is the one being so unreasonable, irrational…

Only until when someone gives you back the taste of it, you will realise how bad that is… How annoying! How irritating!

There is so much more than to just love in relationship. The time we have to use to build trust, the time we need to get to know one another, the time when we would always miss one another, the time when we need one another (yet could not), the time…

It is always the T.I.M.E. The time difference! It is never easy to manage with time difference. Its not a matter of one or two hours difference. We can try to compromise,  can’t we? Its a busy time for me anyways. And you can have your World Cup! So what is wrong?

Did I make you feel like I cannot be bothered? =( Probably…

Tired of everything,

The one who seriously need a sleep.

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Exam period

I feel like I am not taking exams as seriously as I should. I want to be able to reach my goal but I am not giving my best shot at it. I will still regret thereafter and its always too late. But, how do I make it “never too late” when the exams’ over? Sigh… Its my last year of my degree. Hope I pull through nicely =)

Let’s go for the ten points again. Too many happenings/outings that I do not know how to jot one by one. There were lots that I forgot because I did not take pictures! HAHA… what a memory =(

1.  First of all, my plant died! =( I bought it at ACE Hardware in Sunway Pyramid for RM3 or so I think.IMG_5152I cannot even take good care of myself, and I am here thinking of taking care of a plant. A plant that only requires to be watered once every few days. I really FAIL! >< IMG_5153 2. Been spending time at Monash University Library for quite some time.IMG_5322 But not as intense as I used to in second year, first semester! HA! IMG_5154But it is fun to study with friends. =) Good times! Getting the emotional support. IMG_5320Albeit I am not as hardworking as them, seeing them study so hard sometimes make me guilty and would want to study. Being in university also keep me far from my bed!!! HAHAIMG_5316And I sometimes do go to university to study during the weekend! I am serious! As a proof, here is a picture of the bin un-emptied as it was a weekend. HAHAIMG_52743. Getting people to have lunch/dinner with =)IMG_5160IMG_5307IMG_5161I think after my degree, this is what I will miss the most. Eating out with friends. Not that I do not cherish eating with family. Just, eating with friends is also something I will miss as part of the university student life!

4. Went to Old Town and revised there before attending service =) And that is Pek Harn doing his art. IMG_5164And the waiters stopped to stare. How I wish I can draw to express myself. Pictures express better than words! IMG_5165 And she was so seriously studying. I failed. Will be more rajin next semester ok? HAHAIMG_5167  5. But there is someone more rajin. IMG_5208I am very very serious. She could walk and study at the same time =.= IMG_5210 And I wonder how people have long attention span. Mine is really SHORT. And I can keep my attention in doing something for a longer period if it is really interesting. But when I got bored of it, I would not even want to do it. Revision is such a boring thing =(IMG_5212 6. But not everyone is taking revision seriously anyway. Look at Wen Hao playing Mousehunt while revising! HAHA (Men cannot multitask one worrr) So what does the proof tell you? HAHAIMG_5216 And even Sze Ling is watching drama. But she is so disciplined. She would watch and study. I would watch and play non-stop. HELP ME!IMG_5219 7.It could get noisy at times. Well, all the time. Second floor is quite quiet but then it is so warm there =( IMG_5220Third floor is really comfortable. And recently, there are lesser people. And hence, less noise =) [Oh, did I tell you? I am also one of the noisy ones at times]

8. And here is My Signature ais kacang! IMG_5227I love them a lot. I actually do not like avocado. But it is only in this that I eat them =)  IMG_52289. MURNI. My second time there. The first time there was with Yong at midnight then. I could not believe my eyes when I saw the long lines of tables! The second time was with Yumni, Wen Hao, Mun Keat and Qin.IMG_5241Oh myyy.. But the food was not bad. And special =) Would never give up the chance of going there. IMG_5247I think there should be loads of food that I never tried yet!   IMG_5249 And this is mee rajah. When I first saw it in the dark (it was quite dark the first time when I went there) It was like a pile of noodles. HUMONGOUS PORTION. But Wen Hao said its a must try there. And true enough, its nice =) Eating there should be shared! hahaIMG_5250Other than that, I have more late night dinners. Oh my, snack too much through out the day revising. IMG_5281And have much later dinners. These were at Darussalam (SS15) with Yong and Yumni!IMG_5275 IMG_5278 The dim sums were really bad. I have been craving for some good dim sums but it never come till now. Maybe it will only be when I am back to Brunei! =)IMG_528010. AND DUMPLINGS! This is from Jasmine (Foo). So nice of her ❤ THANK YOU! IMG_5300They are different from those I get in Brunei. I would not say it is nicer but it is NICE =) IMG_5302And back then, I always tot dumplings are triangular in shape. Maybe its harder to make them that way… or perhaps different way of packing it means they got different ingredients?

BONUS: There is a story behind this pack of snack! IMG_5326Really, a story of karma. So, I am this anal girl who cannot simply drink any water. You know sometimes you can taste the difference between tap water, boiled water and treated water etc? I do not drink just any water (well, unless the taste is masked by Ribena, or some other thing! LOL) And most of the water machines in Monash University has that “distinctive” taste. So I need to go to staff lounge, building 6 or medicine block to get the water refills. ANAL. I know. Forgive me. HAHA

So there was this one time Jasmine (Cheah) accompanied me to get some water in Building 6. There was this vending machine right beside. Jasmine was telling me she could put her hand in and get some snacks out! Woah… long hands. She was just joking but its impossible because of how the machine is built. They are not stupid enough to invent a vending machine which people can steal the things inside! LOL

We were about to leave when she noticed there was this snack in it! Oh myyyy! So we were elated. More of like me being elated as its one of my favourite snacks. You can’t buy them in Jusco. I think not even in Giant. I do not know why. HAHA And I jokingly said there might still be money in the vending machine. So she checked and there was none. BUT the drinks vending machine right beside this vending machine HAVE! Ten cents only! LOL

So we went back to library to do our revision. An hour before the library closes at 11pm, I wanted to get something that is sixty cents! I put in the sixty cents but nothing came out!

And this is what we call KARMA! The snack cost 50 cents and Jasmine got the 10 cents from the machine. Total is 60 cents!!! o.O And, we paid by placing Yumni’s 60 cents into machine! HAHAHA! (And I ate the snack! LOL) All in all, Yumni lost 60 cents in this karma! xP

Thanks everyone for everything,

The one who should start revising for the exam on Tuesday!

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Two down, two to go! =D

Yeah! Two papers done in just less than twenty four hours. Well, sort of! HAHA… Had a paper yesterday afternoon and this morning another paper. The first was really bad. I did not prepare well enough. I left the hall an hour earlier as I really do now know what else to write ><

That got me emo enough. But everyone was so happy. I did not want to dampened others mood. They have to study even if I do not want to do my share of revision. And when I got back, I do not want to affect Mun Keat too. So everything goes as normal.

It should and must be back to normal for me to go on concentrating on the exams. It was a crazy night where I did not study much =X Yeah, exam’s next morning! Had “lunch” with Mun Keat and went home.

I watched many episodes of drama and what nots. Could not sleep at all because I felt like crying so much. Thanks to someone who called nad prayed for me! ❤ I felt much better after the crying session and went to nap for an hour. Talked and fooled around with Mun Keat. Left for McD at 2am ++ for some “dinner” . Watched the match between France and Mexico. Sad news. 2-0, France died.

Ahh well, went back only at about 4am. Tried to revise for less than a minute. Succumb to my bed. I should really kill myself for not revising. Nonetheless, woke and showered. Went to uni and studied for an hour. That hour of cramming was fulfilling. All I can say is, I came out of the examination room smiling =D BIG SMILES. =D

Two more papers and holiday, here I come! =DIMG_5299 All the best everyone,

The one who hopes to fast forward the time to holiday and stay stagnant! xD

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Rude Students!

I had a bad encounter yesterday. And I would have loved to blog about it yesterday. Just that I did not bring my laptop and thus did not put up an angered filled blog post. No that I am not angry about it anymore. Just, I guess having shared this encounter with quite a few people made me feel so much better already.

Yumni and I went to uni to revise but knowing that we would have to move when the library closes, we decided to just find a tutorial room to get our revision going. We got into a quite big tutorial room but the air conditioner is not working. So I settled down a bit while Yumni went to look for another place. Just right out of that tutorial room, there was a smaller one. So Yumni got me to move there.

Once I was in the room, I thought everything was alright. As I settled down, Yumni went out to talk on her phone. Just to be courteous and not so noisy even though there is no rule in the tutorial rooms saying we should be silent. She was long because she had some problems to deal with.

I sat quietly revising at one end of the room with the other three people on the other end. I recognise one of the guy. He is the best friend of Cheryl, my coursemate, called William Kong. And I sort of seen the girl some where before. Never seen the other guy. I later found out the girl is Simone Phong, a great dancer *as many claims – I hold no proof of this*

Anyway, I was in the room minding my own business and suddenly this girl stood up and opened the window. In Cantonese, she said “The post it note is not properly stuck on the window. Its on the floor but visible.” Or something along those lines. AND SHE HAD TO ADD IN A LINE: “THE “SEI PAT PO*” IS STANDING OUT THERE” I was trying to ignore that statement but I thought it was just Yumni out there. Soon after, my guts feeling told me she is referring to Yumni because her friends were quick (or rather, not too quick) to tell her I am Chinese.

But what ever it was, I was going to ignore them. Especially her for her selfishness and ignorance. And being a university level student, yet so rude! Anyway, “sei pat po” is a rude name calling in Cantonese; “sei” means die, death or equivalent and “pat po” means something like ones who is nosy, a bitch or equivalent. Do not really know how to explain.

When she got to know I can understand Chinese (which I show no reaction to), she started to quiet down. But not long after, the noises became louder and they started fooling around, throwing papers to one another. But it was obvious they were passing notes around. Whatever, I was not going to let that bother me.

They even went to use the computer in the tutorial room (there is only one) and started commenting on something very loudly. Perhaps it was to confirm me being a Chinese and all? I am not sure. Whatever… just they are loud.

I sms-ed Yumni to ask what happened previously and then continued revising but when it was near to 1.40pm, they started to leave for lunch but not packing. One of the guys asked if they should pack and the girl had to say: “NO! If anything goes missing, I would know who is the THIEF!”

HELLO! I was the only one in the room. And she had to increase her voice stating that sentence! I was already fuming. What the hell is wrong with her? I did not even talk to her or exchange glances with her! I was even ignoring their childish acts and not give a damn! I did not even thought of what revenge could be done and all!

I just had to vent and thus called a friend to simply let out the anger. Then I went on Facebook to post a status. x1 x2 x3 x4 x5 x6 Seriously, I was so angry at her for doing all these. I know, why should I get so worked up over all these? LOW EQ! =( Soon after, Yumni came back in telling me she just read my sms. And she took some pictures using her iPhone to post on her blog. This is an account of what happened earlier on between Yumni and the three people as she wrote in her blog:

“The main entry for today is about three annoying people. Me and CC were looking for tutorial room to study. Then, there was this room with two doors but only one can be used. However, this door had a note on it saying, “The door is spoiled, please use the window”. First I really thought it was for real and so I looked at the windows lah. I feel so dumb coz I just realised there were three people in the room and how the hell did they go in! Takkan they go through window. I feel so dumbfounded. So I knocked at the door and the people didn’t seem to want to open the door. Finally one of them went to open and UNLOCKED the door. Yes, sure the door is spoiled -___-” that’s what I said to the guy and he was just quiet. Ceh, tutorial rooms are for public use lah people! After CC n I placed our stuff in the room, I went out to make a call. When I came back, CC told me that she heard the girl calling me a bitch! What the hell was her problem!! >;o(”

You can still go to her blog and look at the pictures she took of two of the three people. But the main person was the girl. Seriously, what is wrong with that girl? I could not have taken pictures of her using my camera as I do not want to provoke them. But with Facebook nowadays, you could easily source them xP

[I removed her pictures that I got from Facebook upon her request when she came to personally apologise to both me and Yumni. But what she said was… I do not know. I am as speechless as her too >< All I can say now probably would be that if she kept the apology short and simple, things would have been much easier! Oh yeah, to make it clear again, no one help me in sourcing her pictures. I got her pictures from Facebook as the profile is not fully locked.]

She actually look like a nice person but then after this encounter, the meaning of not judging a book by its cover was much more apparent in me. So sad and disappointed with the encounter. Thereafter, they came back from lunch and saw me using the computer. They did not say anything as there were another two students who came in to use the room already. Before it was even 4pm, they left and Yumni and I just realised Rasyid (in Australia posted this on Facebook):rasyid Nonetheless, I was still not over it! What gives her/them the right to OWN the room? Considering Yumni and I being international students, we actually pay MORE money. Add to the consideration that we are Science students, we pay relatively higher fees than BUSINESS students. And hello, did we act like bitches and not share the tutorial room? *breathe in breathe out* And here are some pictures of the notes they written and posted:IMG_5273And you see the word “fat”? One of them were writing in reference to me =( What did I do to provoke them? =.=IMG_5271 This note was posted on the window (The one which was on the floor) They posted this because after the note as below on the spoilt door:IMG_5272 They posted another note on the other door which they PURPOSELY locked saying that the door is also faulty and if we would like to use the room, we can crawl in through the window =.= I did not get a picture of it because they remove it and threw it elsewhere. Such disappointments! If it was just for pun/prank, then I could still take it. BUT, this is OBVIOUSLY not. Haih.

Anyway, I am not so perturbed over it anymore =)

Continue revising,

The one who realised exams’ not one week away anymore! Its THREE days! =(

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