I am alright =)

Yes, I am seriously alright. I would be back to Brunei for less than a week only. Not solely because I want to see the specialists. But also because I want to be back in Brunei. I am revisiting the specialists because they gave me provisional appointments and and want me to visit them whenever I can. I run out of some medications, so I must go see them! And I have got holidays elsewhere planned!

No, I am not in any serious pain. Just some slight pain here and there. I am rather healthy except down with some weird allergies. I do not know if it is because of the heat, any mysterious bugs or what. Seriously, I felt there are some stuff biting me on my legs every night. I wake up with sore eye and runny nose but easily settled.

I just figured they know I am rather bored of their usual questions and care. No, seriously I am not. And I find it heart warming, albeit amusing sometimes because it is too over LOL. I understand about the worries and care. I think I am rather healthy. Just they think I am living alone and not treating myself good enough, probably. But seriously, everything is alright. I am just rather busy now with exams coming up so soon.

And probably it would be nice if they call me directly to ask rather than others. I know the best about myself right? No matter how busy, I would always have time for my family ❤

Fighting the war now,

The one who is in fact enjoying Youtube A LOT =(


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