The superb super long weekend ;-)

It has been some time I jot down some happenings in my life. Nothing much except its exam period now. During this period of time, we as students should be sleep deprived and study as much as we can.IMG_4807BUT… sadly for me, I am not working my ass off as hard as I should. I am trying to minimize stress too. =D Anyway, we shall come to what had happened previously. I, perhaps forgot most of what happened. Let the pictures bring us through ;)   IMG_4818First of all, it was Hayden’s birthday then. He wanted no surprise so we went for a steamboat with him. IMG_4815It was steamboat last year too! HAHA… I went with Wen Hao, setting out earlier to pick up Von Yi.IMG_4800Everyone met there and had a good meal. I reckon the food is better in this place than Yuan (the steamboat place where Hayden had his birthday last year and where I used to frequent when others want steamboat). But I do miss the dessert and chicken wings in Yuan.IMG_4834Thereafter, in the weekend was my trip to KL to meet my sister. She was on a company trip to Malaysia. She arrived earlier on Thursday but went to Genting right away. I initially wanted to join her at Genting but got lazy and the thought of travelling up there alone to meet her was very daunting. LOL

I only went to Bukit Bintang to meet her on Saturday noon. And that was when I could not get the taxi! =( Only after about an hour, I got the taxi and reached Dorsett Regency. It is such a small hotel. Ok, not exactly small but the lobby was so tiny that there is a non-existent lobby. =.=IMG_4870I met Aunt Lilian and her eldest son first as my sister was out with her friends for lunch. The hotel rooms were not ready as it was not 2pm yet. My sister then came back not long after after minimal lunch. We went to Serdang! That’s where Jasmine stay!!! =D No, I did not meet up with her =(

We went to get the house autogate controls fixed. Got quite a few from there but was not set. So spent some time there and then went for some lunch. It was already near to 3pm then. I was very famished but I totally could not finish all the food she ordered. Oh my… such hospitality.IMG_4877Then we got back to Aunt Lilian’s place for a little to rest before heading down to Bukit Bintang again. Rested at hotel before heading out to shopping and dinner. Not much shopping was done as we had to meet up with the boss (not my sister boos, its the other company’s boss – my sister’s boss and her colleagues all did not come! LOL) for dinner. The boss could have brought them to a proper restaurant for food rather than the food court although there sells all the famous (non-authentic!) Malaysian delicacies.IMG_4879However, when it comes to booze, the boss was alright. He spent nearly RM1000 to get us all into the pub called Rootz! =.= It was alright at first. We were the earliest there and got in earlier as it was drizzling already. I did not drink much because my sister felt unwell due to the poor ventilation. So we walked back to the hotel.IMG_4907The alcohol only started to get me dizzy when I reached hotel. LOL. It was unbearable after half an hour or so that I fell asleep there and then. HAHA Woke up only in the morning just in time to prepare to go to One U. Eric borrowed a car from his friend and drove us all to One U. It was tiring but good fun walking all around. Did not get anything I love though.IMG_4919Came back to hotel and rested for less than half an hour. Out to Sungei Wang to shop! I got some shirts from Bossini. Was so upset with the salesman at Bossini. His job was to sell some clothes and not ask me where I am from!

I did not want to tell him I am an international student and so I just told him I am not from KL. There was this shirt that I love but only have stock in either Pavillion or the shop somewhere out of Pavillion, in Bukit Bintang. He said he could not get the stock transferred to Sunway Pyramid. =.= And he then said… Oh! So YOU stay in SUNWAY! =.=IMG_4872Nevermind, I took his words albeit thinking service is a bit weird there. Not his problem too if the company had set it that way! He did not allow me to use my Maybank Card even! =.= Ok, maybe it is also his company’s problem.

So I had to shop with my sister around and rush to either that shop lot or Pavillion to get it. I was nearly giving up until we suddenly saw the shop lot Bossini. Went in and got the shirt I wanted. Tried it on and went to pay for it. I then asked if I can pay with Maybank Card. The salesperson says OF COURSE! And I continued to ask if other branches could also use the same thing. A positive answer. IMG_4947I was already near to fuming. And then I asked if it is possible to do stock transfers upon customers’ request. POSITIVE ANSWER! I then say related my encounter and complained. The shop manager apologised profusely but I just walked away =.= WHAT KIND OF SERVICE DID THAT GUY SERVE ME! If I have the chance, I am going back to the Bossini in Sungei Wang to give him a hard time trying every single piece! Grrr…

Anyway, it was a tiring day with so much shopping. Walking non stop from morning till night! I knocked out right away after reaching hotel. It was a good sleep but I woke up as per my normal alarm 6am! My first instinct was to ask Mun Keat about the traffic jam and to call a taxi.IMG_4975I COULD NOT FREAKING GET A TAXI HOME AGAIN >< But I was not panicking then. NO CLASSES ON MONDAY 😉 But Mun keat insisted on coming over to pick me as its near his place. He is just being nice because I know it is not exactly near. Anyway how, thanks =)IMG_4987Reached home and rest =D Thereafter, Sze Ling came to pick me up and meet with Mun Keat to go to Klang 😉 IMG_4986To have lunch with Khoo. BAK KUT TEH! =D Wanted to continue with some desserts – yao yao bing but it was closed =(IMG_4990We then went to Tesco before Mun Keat leave to meet his “sister” LOL Sze Ling then went to my place and we did report together. It was more like me sleeping while she does her work! LOLIMG_4992What a good “extended” weekend,

The one who hopes its all good times instead of exams! ><


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