Exam period

I feel like I am not taking exams as seriously as I should. I want to be able to reach my goal but I am not giving my best shot at it. I will still regret thereafter and its always too late. But, how do I make it “never too late” when the exams’ over? Sigh… Its my last year of my degree. Hope I pull through nicely =)

Let’s go for the ten points again. Too many happenings/outings that I do not know how to jot one by one. There were lots that I forgot because I did not take pictures! HAHA… what a memory =(

1.  First of all, my plant died! =( I bought it at ACE Hardware in Sunway Pyramid for RM3 or so I think.IMG_5152I cannot even take good care of myself, and I am here thinking of taking care of a plant. A plant that only requires to be watered once every few days. I really FAIL! >< IMG_5153 2. Been spending time at Monash University Library for quite some time.IMG_5322 But not as intense as I used to in second year, first semester! HA! IMG_5154But it is fun to study with friends. =) Good times! Getting the emotional support. IMG_5320Albeit I am not as hardworking as them, seeing them study so hard sometimes make me guilty and would want to study. Being in university also keep me far from my bed!!! HAHAIMG_5316And I sometimes do go to university to study during the weekend! I am serious! As a proof, here is a picture of the bin un-emptied as it was a weekend. HAHAIMG_52743. Getting people to have lunch/dinner with =)IMG_5160IMG_5307IMG_5161I think after my degree, this is what I will miss the most. Eating out with friends. Not that I do not cherish eating with family. Just, eating with friends is also something I will miss as part of the university student life!

4. Went to Old Town and revised there before attending service =) And that is Pek Harn doing his art. IMG_5164And the waiters stopped to stare. How I wish I can draw to express myself. Pictures express better than words! IMG_5165 And she was so seriously studying. I failed. Will be more rajin next semester ok? HAHAIMG_5167  5. But there is someone more rajin. IMG_5208I am very very serious. She could walk and study at the same time =.= IMG_5210 And I wonder how people have long attention span. Mine is really SHORT. And I can keep my attention in doing something for a longer period if it is really interesting. But when I got bored of it, I would not even want to do it. Revision is such a boring thing =(IMG_5212 6. But not everyone is taking revision seriously anyway. Look at Wen Hao playing Mousehunt while revising! HAHA (Men cannot multitask one worrr) So what does the proof tell you? HAHAIMG_5216 And even Sze Ling is watching drama. But she is so disciplined. She would watch and study. I would watch and play non-stop. HELP ME!IMG_5219 7.It could get noisy at times. Well, all the time. Second floor is quite quiet but then it is so warm there =( IMG_5220Third floor is really comfortable. And recently, there are lesser people. And hence, less noise =) [Oh, did I tell you? I am also one of the noisy ones at times]

8. And here is My Signature ais kacang! IMG_5227I love them a lot. I actually do not like avocado. But it is only in this that I eat them =)  IMG_52289. MURNI. My second time there. The first time there was with Yong at midnight then. I could not believe my eyes when I saw the long lines of tables! The second time was with Yumni, Wen Hao, Mun Keat and Qin.IMG_5241Oh myyy.. But the food was not bad. And special =) Would never give up the chance of going there. IMG_5247I think there should be loads of food that I never tried yet!   IMG_5249 And this is mee rajah. When I first saw it in the dark (it was quite dark the first time when I went there) It was like a pile of noodles. HUMONGOUS PORTION. But Wen Hao said its a must try there. And true enough, its nice =) Eating there should be shared! hahaIMG_5250Other than that, I have more late night dinners. Oh my, snack too much through out the day revising. IMG_5281And have much later dinners. These were at Darussalam (SS15) with Yong and Yumni!IMG_5275 IMG_5278 The dim sums were really bad. I have been craving for some good dim sums but it never come till now. Maybe it will only be when I am back to Brunei! =)IMG_528010. AND DUMPLINGS! This is from Jasmine (Foo). So nice of her ❤ THANK YOU! IMG_5300They are different from those I get in Brunei. I would not say it is nicer but it is NICE =) IMG_5302And back then, I always tot dumplings are triangular in shape. Maybe its harder to make them that way… or perhaps different way of packing it means they got different ingredients?

BONUS: There is a story behind this pack of snack! IMG_5326Really, a story of karma. So, I am this anal girl who cannot simply drink any water. You know sometimes you can taste the difference between tap water, boiled water and treated water etc? I do not drink just any water (well, unless the taste is masked by Ribena, or some other thing! LOL) And most of the water machines in Monash University has that “distinctive” taste. So I need to go to staff lounge, building 6 or medicine block to get the water refills. ANAL. I know. Forgive me. HAHA

So there was this one time Jasmine (Cheah) accompanied me to get some water in Building 6. There was this vending machine right beside. Jasmine was telling me she could put her hand in and get some snacks out! Woah… long hands. She was just joking but its impossible because of how the machine is built. They are not stupid enough to invent a vending machine which people can steal the things inside! LOL

We were about to leave when she noticed there was this snack in it! Oh myyyy! So we were elated. More of like me being elated as its one of my favourite snacks. You can’t buy them in Jusco. I think not even in Giant. I do not know why. HAHA And I jokingly said there might still be money in the vending machine. So she checked and there was none. BUT the drinks vending machine right beside this vending machine HAVE! Ten cents only! LOL

So we went back to library to do our revision. An hour before the library closes at 11pm, I wanted to get something that is sixty cents! I put in the sixty cents but nothing came out!

And this is what we call KARMA! The snack cost 50 cents and Jasmine got the 10 cents from the machine. Total is 60 cents!!! o.O And, we paid by placing Yumni’s 60 cents into machine! HAHAHA! (And I ate the snack! LOL) All in all, Yumni lost 60 cents in this karma! xP

Thanks everyone for everything,

The one who should start revising for the exam on Tuesday!


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  1. 1

    KCY said,

    Hahaha…. the dumpling Jasmine gave u is known as Hakka style dumpling… or in Hokkien “jim tao chang” which also means pillow dumpling, normal one is triangular…. n triangular one requires skill to make too, not everyone can do a nice one… i tried before so i know how hard it is to get it right, can never beat my mum on tis… she can fold so nice n fast too….

    • 2

      CC said,

      woahhh.. then tak give me try! tsk always say say saja =(

      haha.. and the Shanghai type also look similar lehhh


  2. 3

    KCY said,

    ??? make bak chang must let u try? weird…. i dun wan to create chaosness… thanks ^^y

  3. 5

    KCY said,

    U r famous for creating chaos whenever u go…

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