The busyness now is going to end soon. Less than 24 hours. I have this urge to blog this out. I cannot even stand another minute of having to think about this alone.

It was not long, just days. But its enough to give me the heartache. My mind is flooded with your image. Your words. Your smiles. And sometimes I thought I smelt you. How do you smell like actually? So vague. HAHAimaginary playmates Sometimes… missing you can be hard. Not knowing what you are doing and who you are with. I should have seen this coming frequently. But just this small period, intensified it.

Yet another type of busyness is coming soon. But I am also kind of glad this “busyness” is heading my way. I am a person who needs the fun, comfort and relaxation in life!

Maybe when these “busyness” flood my way, this heartache won’t be so intense anymore. Is it a good thing? Or perhaps a bad one?


The one who have not much will to fight the last battle.


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