The chat

I typed a whole lot of thing but just realised I should not post them up. It was the feelings I had after a little chat I had prior to having a mass celebration at Amp Square. Not that I have anything to fear. It is just the fact that I realised I lost you from my side for quite some time already. Still putting out a whole long passage about how much you brighten up my life would no longer make a difference anymore.

Things will never be the same now. I know I made the right choice and I hope you made the right choice. She would be the Ms Right for you, I guess? But sometimes, I still miss you a lot.

Like, I really do miss you. I miss a lot of people daily. I think I am those very manja person many a times. Just depend on who I show it to. But me missing you is sometimes very different. I do not know. I felt I lost “something”.

It would be so selfish to get everything for myself and hold on to you when I have no intention on letting you be happy (happiness in the sense of how you wanted it to be). Though I lost you, I think I still made the right choice for you should be happier now.SPECIAL_FRIENDSHIPS I still miss you. And thank you for being such a great friend still. Always spending time to chat with me, keeping me sane. Albeit wanting to sleep early, still stay up to chat with me at times.  Accompanying me play Minesweeper during my exam period albeit you know nothing of it and also have exams too. The fact that you still patiently play a few rounds with me made me feel like I have not lose you yet. Untitled But no worries, I am clear minded, you belong no more to me. Not like you ever belong-ed to me, right? Anyway, the fact that with such a long distance in between you and me, you still care, you still ask, you still make me laugh.

Every little bit of memories between you and me for that one year plus will be treasured. Thank you very much for everything.

Very grateful,

The one who is really blessed.


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