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Same ol’ same ol’

I would find the time to post more pictures and tell about what I had done since early this semester. I promise. I also have yet to post on my trip back to Brunei and also the trip to Langkawi! =D

There are many back dated posts. Been busy but also not too busy too xP Everything been good, except for the same old thing. My joints. I kind of got tired of explaining to people what happened to me when I walk weirdly, or slowly, or why I get so irritated when I stand too long etc. People would not understand the “tolerable” pain I go through many times a day. They all might just think “tolerable” does not have a pain threshold.

Probably because in my family, we have always been more aware of things concerning health and my aunt is a nurse and midwife for so long, she would understand totally what I am going through. Even just by looking at how my grandparents were, we could totally understand this. But not with most of my same aged friends. So it seems very pointless explaining most of the time about the pain that I have to bear with most of the time.

It is ok. I just do not like it when my family over reacts too. LOL Not that I am complaining that my friends under react. Just, I enjoy being treated normally. Not a sick person or probably just don’t make me “special” or “unique” (negative way) just cause I am not feeling well. My pain is very random, come and go. So do not ask me how come there is this sudden pain or why is it NOT pain anymore. That is so incoherent! =.=

I am probably one of the very egoistic person who tend to not seek help till I really need them. And here I am seeking help already (just so my family could worry less too and I could persuade myself that things would not go worse than ever!) And as always, I am so blessed with people who would help me in ways that they can. I feel the love and care. For being in foreign land the past few years, I feel that I am truly blessed. Big hug and thank you to everyone who cared and loved me.

And to share a good news, my experimental results ARE GREAT! Well, a bit overwhelming to get nice results. But certainly something happy to share about =D I hope in the coming weeks, my experiment would run smoothly and successfully. Erik kept cursing me, that at a point in time, I would need to overnight in the lab =.= TOUCH WOOD! Please send me GREAT luck 😉

And continue to shower me with care and love, there can never be too much xP

Feeling very thankful,

The blessed one =D


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The excitement

Is not here yet…

But I think I am still rather inclined towards experimentations/labs. I wonder how my experimental results will turn out to be like. Many commented on how busy I am. But honestly, I have been wasting time in between my incubations only xDIMG_6794I should be doing my preliminary report for the research unit, the GEN3040 essay and also the introduction for my thesis (which Dr Juan wants to check EVERY WEEK). Well, I am not complaining on the fact that he wants to check every week. At least there is a motivational force urging me to write my thing starting from now, instead of dragging it till the end of the semester! =)IMG_6796Anyway, let’s talk about a little of what I do in lab. Basically, I mix two reactants and add in an enzyme to produce biodiesel fuel. Put the mixture in an incubator shaker (which basically incubates and yet shake simultaneously lah) for eight hours. The waiting time is easily filled with attending lectures, lab sessions, cleaning up what I used or what is in the sink, online and reading journals. Apparently, I go on Facebook a lot lesser >< Well, it is a good sign? IMG_6795But my health is going downhill. Not exactly. Just skipping dinner at times but I am catching them all back =) But I do not know what went wrong, the pain is coming back. Yesterday I had attacks in both legs. This morning my left arm and right wrist feel weird. WHAT IS WRONG? =.= I think I will resort to my medicine soon enough. I shall have them prepared!

Sorry, I did not mean to rant. Ahhh… the age is catching up with me =( Back to talking about lab! Now, my supervisor is Dr Juan. He is quite nice but yesterday we had a meeting with Dr Siow which was kind of like a Parent-Teacher Meeting. WHY? Because everyone’s supervisor was there (EXCEPT MINE AND SZE NEE’s) Yes, both our supervisor is Dr Juan. Our dad ignored us! =( We felt so neglected HAHA

And in the lab (Lab 10), we have Shanq Yeet and Patric under Dr Juan too. They are honours students. Yee Meng is also under Dr Juan and just finished her honours (First Class!). She is applying to do PhD under Dr Juan. The lab is shared with Dr Tan’s student. And she only has one honours student (Seong Hoong).

We often have visitors. Well, one who is ALWAYS there is Erik. HAHA. Funny one. Michelle works in the same lab as Erik. Lab 11 =) NEIGHBOUR! yay! [Yay –> for Michelle, not Erik. Thanks HAHA]

More backdated posts to come,

The one who has lots to share but too little time!

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Lang Tengah (July 2010)

Sorry for this back dated post. I just finished this week’s lab. The results are not that good and I have to repeat them. Its alright. Things are still on the right track xP

So, now I am going to take you all through the humongous amount of pictures that I have taken on this trip =D LANG TENGAH. Apparently, many have not heard of this paradise. Yes, its a paradise. Yet, when we were there, the island takes in roughly hundred people on a daily basis I supposed?IMG_5545Jasmine got us the package to Lang Tengah which includes accommodation, transportation and food. First of all, we have to get ourselves to a station near KLCC (sorry, I forgot the name) HAHAIMG_5549I went with Jasmine. Her brother was driving initially but could not stand the stress from Jasmine. Or probably just he is not that familiar with the roads, so his friend took over the car. We sped there like crazy in order to be there half an hour before the bus is scheduled to leave. it was one crazy ride but I enjoyed it totally. Jasmine’s brother is always sarcastic but very funny guy! IMG_5550It was a late night bus ride of about six hours, not including the rest time. The bus driver would rest at one of the designated stops for about half an hour (probably for his dinner). IMG_5557And we are all still wide awake =.= HAHA I am still not used to sleeping in aeroplane or bus or boats! LOL IMG_5554But it is good that I have fine entertainment from Jasmine. Caroline and Yeen may probably think we are crazy for talking non-stop. No matter how tired I become, I could only close my eyes and rest. Not sleep =(

Even though unable to sleep, I tried my best to make myself comfortable. Shoes off! And scared of them flying here and there during the bumpy ride, we found a novel way of keeping them safe! HAHAIMG_5558Long before we know it, we reached the station. I was still very tired but excited. The bus sped and we reached at 5.30am (I think). IMG_5564It was supposed to reach at 6am. So we tried to contact the person in charge who is supposed to bring us to Merang jetty. Was so sad to find out we have to feed mosquitoes there until 7am when the guy would come and pick us up! It was a small town, nothing much to see. But we did walk around. IMG_5565The very first shop we saw was 7-11! Went in for the aircond. But it seem odd to be walking in there for such a long time, without buying anything. Oh.. I think I bought some snacks. But still, just for so little things, we spend way too much time in there LOL IMG_5567I was also very hungry because I just had some doughnuts only for dinner. They were from Giant, surprisingly cheap and nice!!! I love classic doughnuts! Just that they were using icing sugar, not the coarse one! Saw a burger stall but did not eat there, instead went into the food area in the bus station. It was so dirty every where =( Spits, mosquitoes, flies, cockroaches =( IMG_5570But I had nasi dagang there. I never seen it before so gave it a try. The gravy was good but the rice got the taste of taugeh so I did not favour it all that much. IMG_5571The fish was very dry too. The gravy was the thing that save the meal! xP The others did not eat. Only I did. Thereafter, we walked around again and settled at a bus stop to wait for the pick-up. IMG_5573Finally, slightly before 7am! =D The uncle picked us up and brought us to a near morning market to have breakfast. We were not really interested in food anymore. IMG_5578But I saw a GREEN cake. Cannot resist buying and eating it xP And then I saw my favourite pak tong gou which was brown in colour. IMG_5579It was not that nice =( I never had pak tong gou in Malaysia before other than that. I miss having that! Anyway how, we strolled around that place and soon got bored of it. Went back into the van. It was so hot =( The uncle did not want to switch on the aircond for us. But continued to flirt with his Indonesian girlfriend. Then only he went for his breakfast! Which was like forever HAHAHA IMG_5580Oh well, it is better than “see food”. You pay RM3.50 to “see food”, so it is better to eat, ya’ know? HAHA We just sat in the van, listening to songs and chit chatting. IMG_5581Well, I was cam whoring xP I was so elated when the uncle came back and switch on the engine! xD And off we go to the jetty! And when we reached, we insist that he does not off the aircond. But against our will, he switched off =( Oh well, I just enjoyed in the remaining coolness xP IMG_5594Then there comes the Marine Park officer who was quite nice. Telling us stories, showing us videos from his phone and all. IMG_5596But no matter how, we still have to pay RM5 each for the ticket! HAHA it is the entrance fee to the marine park valid for three days. But we spent just a few hours there =.= IMG_5598Oh wait… but Lang Tengah is also considered part of the Marine park! So perhaps its for throughout the stay =.= HAHA And here is a picture of the driver and the marine park officer! IMG_5601They are extremely friendly and nice =D And not long after, our boat came for us. Only four of us. IMG_5625We felt so privileged because the other boat will fit in forty other people who came in a group! We bade farewell and boarded the boat (WITH GOODS) LOL IMG_5602Because there were only four of us, so they brought the goods along too! And those were really the melons that we had during our stay. SUPER SWEET =) The boat ride was fine. IMG_5611And not long after, they picked up a French family, parents and two kids who were kind of antisocial. The dad was always smiling though, like really keen to make friends. But I am shyyyyy HAHAHAHA IMG_5634The blue waters totally made me happier and excited. Totally awesome views! IMG_5635And there were rainbow!!! HAHA It was small but following us all the way 😉 [I know it is due to the mist of water lah just let me be happy over it alright? xP] IMG_5646But no matter how pretty, the black soot from the boat totally ruined it. The air and the environment. But this is how we get to the islands to enjoy. So I tried to not look that way! xDIMG_5670 Finally after more than one hour on boat, we reached! =D First thing was to check in. IMG_5738I do not even consider that a check in though. It was a very short brief briefing xP and we could rest in our rooms for awhile before lunch. IMG_5674Its buffet style =D Food was alright. Not as bad as said by our friends who been there before. And we have to clean up after ourselves. But we do not have to wash our own dishes xP Just separate them as appropriate to ease the washings by the workers there =D IMG_5676And after the lunch, we were to go rent some life jackets and snorkelling gear. It was only RM20 I think. For the whole stay. And I reckon it is quite reasonable. Its not like they are charging you on a daily basis =D

Then we went to our rooms to rest for a bit before heading out to the Marine Park Centre for a lil round of snorkelling. But I think a lot of time were wasted on just being on the boat =( Snorkelling time was so limited.

I did not take any pictures there and then. Because we would all be in the water and my camera is not water proof =( But it was such a waste. The sceneries were so awesome!

Anyway how, back to snorkelling. I totally love snorkelling. Despite not knowing how to swim, I learnt to float on my tummy (with life jacket on)! Must thank Caroline, Jasmine and Yeen May. =D After that, I just tag onto Caroline (mostly) and she will bring me to deeper waters. I would also learn to paddle with my feet and motion myself forward using my right arm (I only know how to use my right arm =.=)

We got back to have BBQ dinner. I wanted to go back into the waters but then it was late and the water receded. Walking on the dead corals was torturous! =.= So, we just fooled around and got changed. IMG_5678 The food was quite good. I think I love their BBQ dinner the most. =D Wheee~ IMG_5691 IMG_5696 IMG_5702 IMG_5703 IMG_5704IMG_5707 After dinner, we went back into our rooms. Wanting to stay up but our minds fooled us! >< We were totally tired from the bus and boat trips! IMG_5720We knocked out and could not wake up in time to go have a midnight stroll on the beach HAHAHA And here is the yucky news, I knocked out in the other room and was lead blurrily onto my bed WITHOUT showering =.= IMG_5725I woke up without alarm and realised the fact I did not shower and rushed to the bathroom! LOL We were all ready just in time for the buffet breakfast. It was not too bad too. IMG_5730We had nasi lemak then 😉 But the sambal was more of spicy than spicy sweet. Made me miss nasi katok so much! =( IMG_5727We walked around the place and the beach since it was not yet the time for the jungle trekking. IMG_5732IMG_5736IMG_5734Took some pictures around the place and went to the place segregating Lang Tengah from Lang Sari. When the tide is high, you would only see rocks. We thus walked over the rocks and off to the edge to get a cool strong breeze. IMG_5755Total awesome-ness. Not much people will actually venture out to here, especially during such an early time.IMG_5782IMG_5788 IMG_5790 IMG_5795 IMG_5838IMG_5742But guess what? Jasmine had a bad stomach and we ended up not going for the jungle trekking. Its alright. We had fun by snorkelling near the island. IMG_5743We never really had the chance to do so because there was always activities off the island. And when we get back in the evening, the water is too shallow to go snorkel. IMG_5852Not to mention having to endure the pain of walking through the large patch of dead corals!IMG_5870It was totally good fun snorkelling amongst the wide blue waters and enjoying one another’s company. Even had a fish food fight! hahaha.. Caroline brought her own Gardenia “high quality” bread. We lured lots of fish around us =D Even a BIG human-like fish! xPIMG_5875 After the good fun, its lunch time. Well, we played till it was lunch time xPIMG_5882 Food was always a short affair as we never had enough of fun xD IMG_5904a (8)After lunch, we went to sun bask! AS IF! We were constant shaded by big white umbrellas xD HAHAHAHA… IMG_5904a (21)Well I am not that afraid of turning very tan. Just the others. I am very tan already. People will be shocked when they see my leg’s tone and arm’s tone. HAHAIMG_5904a (18)After that, it was about 2.30pm and we went out for another snorkelling trip. This time I am cleverer, I brought my camera xDIMG_5910 IMG_5917 IMG_5934 IMG_5953 IMG_5974 We were dropped at two areas to snorkel around, the first spot was quite dull as the fish were all hidden beneath the boat =( The second time around, I was quite nauseous already. So did not go down. I heard it was quite fun! =(IMG_5999 After that, we went back to the island. However, on the jetty, we observed baby shark! IMG_5999There tonnes of anchovies and the shark just swam by swallowing so much of them. IMG_5999It was such an overwhelming sight to see how the anchovies seemingly open way for the shark and then close back up together. We then went back to have some tea time. Just some cakes and drinks. And we were in such good luck that a guy there known as Jitu, brought us out to snorkel. IMG_6021Even though it was late afternoon, we still went out into deeper waters. Jitu brought along a buoy for me to hold on to and we even went over the buoy line. It was so exciting and fun. We got to see and touch baby Nemo! =D Totally awesome. About one and a half hours of fun before having our dinner! =DIMG_6032 Thereafter, we rested and showered before meeting up with Jitu again. This time, he brought us to see some bioluminescence “organism” in the waters. It must only be seen observed during total darkness. IMG_6034 We then let Jitu rest as he had to wake early in the morning to continue working again. We went under the starry starry night to enjoy the breeze and sounds of water. But it was too noisy =(IMG_6047We went back in to play my Monopoly. That is because I insisted 😉 HAHA IMG_6064IMG_6065 And this is my supper xD hehehe I knocked out right away while Jasmine went back out to “emo” haha… IMG_6066And we had a great breakfast the next morning =DIMG_6071 IMG_6072 IMG_6073 IMG_6074After breakfast, we then went back to out to our favourite spot =D IMG_6097 IMG_6102And its time to leave =( IMG_6123 We boarded the boat and off onto the van. The very same uncle came to pick us up and brought us back to the bus station. But we made him drive slow and all. HAHAHA… because we know we had to wait for quite a few hours for the bus =( IMG_6159 He was so nice that he brought us to the keropok lekor place =D There were deep fried and steamed one. IMG_6160 Seriously, steamed one was really bad! =(  IMG_6163 The awesome one was the deep fried one 😉 IMG_6161And after that we finally reached the bus station =( HAIH. We had about an hour to spend. Found the McDonald but the airconditioning was pretty bad! Maybe cause it was open air =( But the service there was totally good and warm. The lady came to take our order and served us instead of the normal self service! =D


The one who blogged about her awesome Lang Tengah trip 😉

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I know! I am so sorry for the lack of posting. But I just started lab and its very interesting indeed. Managing everything myself.

Did a lot of mistakes. Wonder if my supervisor, Dr Juan just keep a smiley face all the time so that I am not disheartened >< I hope he would at least “tsk tsk tsk” me or scold me (not a bad scolding lah) just to remind me not to do the same mistake again. Not that I did the same mistake twice but just I could not tolerate doing those mistakes. Shows how incompetent I am =(

Yesterday I went home totally knocked out. Not even wanting to have dinner! Sigh… And I woke only at 8am (slept at 9pm!) o.O Major shock to myself too. Perhaps it was due to those 2 or 3am late night sleep and wake up at 7am!

Sometimes I wonder if I push myself too hard. I still want to go have fun, watch movie, play badminton, eat out, have desserts, shopping etc… Yet I want to achieve things academically too. Where does the balance lie?

I was not about to rant when I started this blog post but I think I some how sound like that? LOL. Better stop. I just got home at 11.30pm and tomorrow (Saturday), I have to go back to university to analyse my GC analysis.

Before I stop, I must really thank Dr Juan. I salute him for staying up till so late with me and all the constant guidance and patience. Thinking back, I felt so funny for mistaking him for my lab demo or lab technician back then in Instrumental Analysis Lab! haha

He always laugh. I think its good. It makes me want to laugh all the time too. And I do laugh at random times LOL And he is a very encouraging lecturer/researcher. Hmmm… perhaps I am really more suited to such ways. Constant praises when you do something right (instead of being exceptionally good).

And there is some queries which are unsolved yet by us. It was so funny how Dr Juan was excited/anxious about knowing the next result! LOL I am not going to bother with the weird thing. He says to leave it to him anyway xP

Going to rest,

The one who thinks life is interesting at this stage, yet mundane!

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Hi everyone =D

Hello everyone. I am sorry for the missing posts that was previously promised. Got too many things on my agenda. But I am having fun. I will post up the back dated posts soon enough alright?

Let’s talk about yesterday! I made some sushi. Ok, it was quite a lot and I am glad its all finished 😉 That was what took my whole evening and night. Well, not to mention I forgot my keys and was stranded out of my home for about an hour before my housemate came to rescue! Thanks. And sorry for disturbing your deep slumber!

Let’s now talk about today! HAHA. It was an interesting day. I know this semester would be a rather hectic one although I only have three units. This is because two of the units are my CORE UNITS and the other one was an extra, on research.

I was supposed to start my experiments this morning but due to unforeseen circumstances, I end up mopping the flooded place instead. The labs were flooded due to some experiment malfunction I think. And it was not a right time to take pictures. Sorry that this post comes with no picture yet again =(

But I think I would be really starting on the experiment tomorrow. Looking forward to it much =D

Wish me luck,

The one who aims to make this semester rock!

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Back in Sunway =D

Hello people =D I am still alive. After those snorkelling, swimming and bumming in deep/rough waters! And I miss snorkelling a lot =( And my muscles ache terribly. I am still down with flu and some headache. Add on to it, I have diarrhae now ><

And I have come to realisation that holiday is going to be over soon >< Results came out and I deteriorated very badly. But it is good enough I did not fail. Ok, stop talking about my results. It is depressing enough already that the semester is starting soon.

If it were not for the research unit, I think I would not have wanted the new semester to start. I am anticipating this new semester with more fun and yet more work in lab! =D

Oh did I tell? Now my unit is full. I have not seen the housemate in the middle room just yet. Maybe tonight? Hope he is nice. Yeah, both the housemate are guys. No worries, I do not think anything bad would happen xP

And I think I shall starting jotting down what happened during my holidays. Let this be a short one first about the first few days of my holidays, before the Lang Tengah, Brunei and Langkawi trip =DIMG_5534I had nothing much to do except to pack my bags and rest after the exams. One of the days, I volunteered to help Michelle out with her CF Camp thingy. IMG_5536Though I was not of much help hahaha… had dinner at her place and then went to Snowflakes for dessert with Colin too.  IMG_5538 Be patient to hear about the Lang Tengah trip,

The one who is aching all over but very happy! =D

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Superwoman xD

I am going to be one today.

No, I am not recovered yet but I do not want to let that disturb my holiday plans! xD

Flying to KLIA later in the evening and change to LCCT to go to Langkawi! 😉 I have yet to contact Jimmy and Jasmine/Wen Hao they all =D Hope its going to be good!

WHAT? It IS going to be good! Yippeeeee~

But this means goodbye to my home =( My baby sisters and everything so homely [no need to care about finding food, washing dishes, laundry, being sick and knowing there is someone to look after me (and BELIEVE me that I am really sick), cleaning up after myself — yes, I do not clean up after myself at this age =( but TRUST me, I can clean up after myself!]

But this also means bye to the slow internet xP

And oh yeah suddenly remembered something. I got tonnes of mangoes, all different varieties from Ann and her family. She got MANY (trust me, its like all around her house compound) mango trees that give good fruits! =D And I tried for the very first time to cut them open for my mom. Boy, how ugly it was! Of course, I did not take pictures of it lah. But this reminds me of the apples Chee Sian cut for us when we were in Shanghai! HAHAHAHA

Sorry for the lack of pictures, but once I get back to my own laptop, I promise to get those blog posts WITH pictures up! =D

I slept early last night, well early as in not later than those times I used to stay up online/do assignments and reports/Skype with someone in Europe (which means I stay up till 6am or so) etc. I am sure I slept before midnight and was unperturbed even when my parents got me supper. And end up waking up before 6.30am. I so hope I can re-learn how to just stay in bed and fall asleep again!

Oh and also got back my Swatch with the new battery installed. There is this regular late night customer who got it done for me for free =) I have always been a very blessed person, I know and acknowledge. Thanks =) My sister just told me (before she went to work) that last few weeks, Swatch was on sale! damn 50% As till now, I only use skinny Swatch =S

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