I forgot whether I blogged about my last exam paper. Anyway how, I would do so now. It was a terrible paper. I wanted to put the blame on the lecturer but then probably it was me who was not well prepared.

I did not know I could have asked for a deferred paper as I had a bad gastric pain right then. Cold and hungry some more! I should have just sit for a deferred paper! HAHA

Anyway how, I am still glad the paper was over. I went out of the exam hall earlier than many others. I had one hour left doing nothing there. Figured it would be a waste of time, I just walked out and get the petition thing done.

It is a petition for Prof Ben Li whose contract would not be continued by Monash. It was some acts of internal politics I heard. But whatever it is, I think he is a great researcher. He might not be good at giving lecturers but I really admire the fact that he would spend time to make each students understand his teaching PERSONALLY. And he really take the extra mile, unlike other lecturers.suesue Anyway how, I went around trying to collect as much signatures as possible from my friends and pass them up to Felicia (a demonstrator) before leaving for Pyramid. We were to have lunch with Sue for her birthday=) I would have love to get a cake but then I got to know it last minute and was so tired (from lack of sleep and gastric)IMG_5401 The late lunch did not help much with my gastric, especially when I had something spicy. LOL. I had wanted to stay on and go shopping with them. Then I figured I could not, unless I want to go sleep in the hospital wards! LOL So I went home with Chee Sian. I even manage to get lost >< Damn blurrrr x(

But I am really glad the exams are over. My next worry is how will the results be. And I also worry pretty much about how my next semester is like. I hope I can cope! =)

Best wishes to everyone,

The one who needs to take care of herself more!


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