A party at Amp Square (Post-Exam)

Yes! A mass gathering! We had fun at Amp Square (Sunway Pyramid) on the 29th June 2010. Right after exams [for the Biomed students, Food Sci students ended on the 25th while the Biotech finished on the 28th! =)] It was totally awesome having such mass gathering.IMG_5479It was to celebrate the June babies, especially Sue, JJ and Xiang Ting. IMG_5424Another guy called Koon Nam’s too. I never knew who he was until then. Even then, I just wished him happy birthday and left LOLIMG_5421Amp Square is where they have karaoke. We got the one with buffet and booked a big room which can fit more than 30 people. There was a balcony kind of thingy (do not know what you call that lol) IMG_5412The food was limited and does not taste extremely good. Oh well… its more of a place for karaoke! HAHAIMG_5498The sound system failed quite a few times and need constant re-alignment (is it known as that?). But the room was really spacious and nice. IMG_5469There were pool table and a few video game machines.IMG_5465I do not know how to play all of those! And I do not sing! HAHA… so whole night long, I just go online. Mun Keat brought his laptop and was gaming there. Weird guy!IMG_5408Ok I am equally weird because I went online too. LOL. He said he does not sing. I do not know why. My reason for not singing is microphone shy xD HAHAHA… But it was nice being able to chat freely again after a few months of appearing offline =D Being able to skype freely is heaven!

Anyway, I shall stop all these crap and let pictures put the show up! =) Not much pictures but hope you all enjoy them =D   IMG_5413 IMG_5414 IMG_5417IMG_5427 IMG_5430 IMG_5433 IMG_5435 IMG_5441 IMG_5444 IMG_5446 IMG_5448 IMG_5457 IMG_5458 IMG_5459 IMG_5462IMG_5466IMG_5474 IMG_5475 IMG_5476  IMG_5481 IMG_5484 IMG_5490 IMG_5491IMG_5493 IMG_5496 Memorable times,

The one who is “dementia-less” *inside joke* LOL


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