I am back to Sunway last night =) Safe and sound. Life was good at Lang Tengah. Lots of stories to tell but now is not the time =(IMG_5655 I am still pretty tired albeit I could not really sleep well. Was sick and is sick. Motion sickness all the time. And probably due to the heat wave too. And some problem with my tummy. Argh. Its alright. I will be alright. xP I MUST be alright.

Oh well, I will be in between clouds in less than 24 hours time. Wish me a good flight alright? xD

Will blog once I feel better and when I am free. I doubt I will be free anytime soon because I will only be back to my home country for a few days and there are so much things to do. And there after I would have another trip to catch before the semester starts.

And oh yeah… I have yet to read up on the journals given by my supervisor! MUST find the time! =D I am looking forward to the new semester although I want the longer holiday too. I do not know whyyyyy HAHAHA

Enjoying life,

The one who wants a longer holiday! xC


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