Same ol’ same ol’

I would find the time to post more pictures and tell about what I had done since early this semester. I promise. I also have yet to post on my trip back to Brunei and also the trip to Langkawi! =D

There are many back dated posts. Been busy but also not too busy too xP Everything been good, except for the same old thing. My joints. I kind of got tired of explaining to people what happened to me when I walk weirdly, or slowly, or why I get so irritated when I stand too long etc. People would not understand the “tolerable” pain I go through many times a day. They all might just think “tolerable” does not have a pain threshold.

Probably because in my family, we have always been more aware of things concerning health and my aunt is a nurse and midwife for so long, she would understand totally what I am going through. Even just by looking at how my grandparents were, we could totally understand this. But not with most of my same aged friends. So it seems very pointless explaining most of the time about the pain that I have to bear with most of the time.

It is ok. I just do not like it when my family over reacts too. LOL Not that I am complaining that my friends under react. Just, I enjoy being treated normally. Not a sick person or probably just don’t make me “special” or “unique” (negative way) just cause I am not feeling well. My pain is very random, come and go. So do not ask me how come there is this sudden pain or why is it NOT pain anymore. That is so incoherent! =.=

I am probably one of the very egoistic person who tend to not seek help till I really need them. And here I am seeking help already (just so my family could worry less too and I could persuade myself that things would not go worse than ever!) And as always, I am so blessed with people who would help me in ways that they can. I feel the love and care. For being in foreign land the past few years, I feel that I am truly blessed. Big hug and thank you to everyone who cared and loved me.

And to share a good news, my experimental results ARE GREAT! Well, a bit overwhelming to get nice results. But certainly something happy to share about =D I hope in the coming weeks, my experiment would run smoothly and successfully. Erik kept cursing me, that at a point in time, I would need to overnight in the lab =.= TOUCH WOOD! Please send me GREAT luck 😉

And continue to shower me with care and love, there can never be too much xP

Feeling very thankful,

The blessed one =D


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  1. 1

    KCY said,

    Yeah! Let’s shower u with bombs! ^^ =)

  2. 3

    KCY said,

    Yes! “nicer” Would u like to find out? *evil laugh*

    • 4

      CC said,

      wahhhh say until like this. wanna scare me off? i am not afraid one wor. eh but the burger alvin posted, i think its worth the try because i heard many good reviews about it. we can make a trip there to try it out u know? =D


  3. 5

    KCY said,

    haha… too small portion… dun think worth it… hahah which burger u talking abt first? there’s 2 i talk to him about.

    • 6

      CC said,

      did u mention two? i just know one wor.. not sure. tell me the name again?

      yeah portion is small but theen very very yummy i heard! =D


  4. 7

    KCY said,

    another one is some ninja…. no idea..

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