Hello people

I know! I still do remember about my blog. Hehehe

Been really really busy. So tired that my nap is now not only one hour, but THREE! =.= I really can never get up from my nap without sleeping for THREE hours. It used to be one, then two. NOW, THREE! How great! ><

But I get great satisfaction when my experimental results are good. The thing now is that its not all that good >< I have to invest much more effort because my previous parameter was a bit… I do not know, just the results are not that great. I do not want to re-do but yet I feel I should re-do.

I gave myself a short break from doing the experiments. Not because I am tired. Just because I have a literature review to do and also to write up my preliminary report! SIGH! Such is life 😉 I, for once, gave up on the 1% bonus mark. If you are early and hand up your literature review today, you get that bonus mark! BUT, I am already in a tired enough condition to really rush it. I do not want to stress myself out after being so tired.

I could.. yes, COULD have made it, have I not been so clumsy, careless and forgetful. I made myself a fool thousand times and yet never learn! On 23rd of July, I re-made my standards (for the experiment) TWICE. Because the first time, I used the wrong solvent.

Simply not thinking with brain then! HA! And the things that make up the solvents are very very very expensive! Cost more than my meal! >< And yesterday I manage to LOSE my standard! I think I washed it away. Oh myyyy, talk about being blur! I think Dr Juan was not that happy afterall.

He had to remind me before leaving me to continue my work at 5pm. And after that, talk about me being careless COUNTLESS times *exaggerated* in front of Seong Hoong! =.= This morning when I emailed him my draft for preliminary report, he simply had to remind me again (In a friendlier tone I supposed) about my carelessness because I forgot to attach the file. Say good luck to me in not killing myself with all those mistakes I have done.

Yes, these are not the only mistakes I did… I even manage to missed out a few measurements and had to re-prepare my samples for analysis. Yesterday was… *speechless* I knocked out once I got home… It was so late already then! My half hour nap turned out to be my sleep! No work done!

I just came here to rant, sorry for the lack of pictures. I will do as promise when I have the time. Oh and the schedule for presentation is out. My presentation is on Friday! Examiners are Dr Lim and Dr Choo. Dr Juan says they should be fine and my presentation should be ok. I hope I can tackle the questions!!! Wish me luck =D

Off to do literature review,

The one who is dog-tired! =S


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  1. 1

    lopaknai said,

    rest more, manage ur time properly. i understand ur time is short, but if u do not manage ur time properly, u will be doom
    enough zz only cant stay awake, and less careless mistake

  2. 3

    KCY said,

    Hahaha… ultimate dunguness =P Anyway have good rest! hahaha

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