Selamat Malam

Salam bahagia. I was back from uni just not long ago. Been a long long day TT

First of all… the experiment took so long. Darn. The pretreatment sounded easy and I even went half an hour earlier, just in case. Or even better if I can get it done earlier. Its SUNDAY if you have not realised yet! ><

Guess what? The oil was so viscous that I spent THREE AND A HALF HOURS filtering them =.= I could have ruined everything due to the impatience! Well, I nearly did =.=

Well, maybe I did… the answer will be 100% known tomorrow. Will be in lab the whole day again. GC analysis! Hope the result is a good one! 😉 Dr Tham was complained because of her attitude. And also for the fact that she said she would deduct our marks as we got the lab demos to run the spectrophotometer! But she related that to class (well, indirectly) about NOT giving us BONUS marks if we have no pellet because in reality, RESULTS MATTER. And now, I tell you, results really matter. And it is NOT just any results. It is POSITIVE results. Or rather, RESULTS THAT YOU WANT TO SEE!

Oh well, I agree with her on this point only. FULLSTOP. But her attitude changed slightly. She is a tad bit more nicer now. However, this does not change my mind yet on how rude she can be! =S

Whatever lah! I am tired now. Got more works to do. I think I shall sleep. BUT I CAN’T. There is like things waiting, queuing up there for me to complete. Dr Juan is the kind who dislikes last minute work. So he made me do my prelim report. Good that I got 70% done but 30% means a lot too ><

Talking about papa Juan! I sms-ed him today reminding him that I would need to run GC. Hope he does not forget. I know for sure he is going to be late for about an hour anyway! SIGH. So I told him 9am, but in fact, 9 to 10am, I will be discussing things with Chee Sian, Von Yi, Hayden, Sze Nee and possibly Michelle and others xP Shhhhh! Papa Juan shall not know! xP Its Monday, bet he comes only at 10.30am!

And I will be early in lab again to clean up the things and prepare internal standards too. I forgot to wash the flask before coming back. Argh! Hope it dries quick tomorrow. Cannot put into oven for that or it loses its calibration!

And without realising, this post is full of lab rants. I am so sorry! The promised posts would come. They will… I assure you! xD

Till then,

The one who is choosing between rest and work! =S


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