Yet again

This is a ranting post.

My experiment failed yet again yesterday. The first time it failed, I took two days off. And I end up working in the lab during the weekend TT I was damn scared because I found out it was ghost festival (say whatever you want to) and Seong Hoong had to scare me TT

I dislike being alone in the floor. As in, with no one I know or can talk to, being around me. I do not need someone to be in the same room as me. I just need to know if anything happen, if I am scared, if I am in trouble, there is someone I can talk to, rant to or find solace in. I am such a kid.

So yesterday, I spent a full day in lab and my experiments did not go well. In the middle of the day, I know it won’t be good already. I had to rush two reports too then; preliminary report and the literature review. Well, I finished it well beforehand but then there were changes/advise from seniors and hence the very last minute thing. But, thanks to Seong Hoong for the help too.

I also had to screw up the standard preparation. End up I threw away a lot of solvent. I hope papa Juan do not come questioning why the solvent diminished so fast!!! I was holding some hope that the GC was being moody. And when I run the second analysis, it might be good. Yeah, I was just lying to myself. =(

Oh well, I changed plans again to have papa Juan change my finalised plans 5am!!! I wonder if he does sleep =.= freaking five in the morning =.= Nevermind. I come back to lab and told them about the change and it ruined their experiment plans too. All hail papa Juan! =S

SIGHHH… lab rant over… Now, thanks to everyone who gave me a lift to and fro home. Really appreciate that. And the food! Thanks so much. Felt so warm and nice. Although away from home, there is still care 😉 I know they know I complain so much about my leg and hence the free rides. But I would only want it if the time is suitable for them. I would feel very guilty if its the long wait they have to go through to give me the free rides. Anyway, deepest gratitude =)

Very blessed indeed,

The one who is born blessed 😉


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  1. 1

    KCY said,

    U see la… ish ish ish… always disturb people… end up people purposely need to fetch u back home… hahahahaha =P

  2. 3

    KCY said,

    Wise choice… U shall be taken on a horror ride =)

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