Lab rants

There are just things meant to be released. I planned to sleep early but things go wrong =.=

So let me rant for awhile.

No, its not about my experiment. It is considered half successful this time around I guess =) I am just wondering if I should put in more time/effort to do the reflux thingy. Will talk to my papa Juan thereafter! xD

So… what is the problem? There is this Iranian girl (IF I did not remember wrongly), she took and used the incubator which I previously booked for two days! And she is going to use it for a freaking ten days. She did not even tell me about it or apologise. If she had seen it thereafter only, she should also make an effort to tell me. Had it not been Erik, I would not know and would not be able to find an alternative!

So frustrating! I had to constantly call and bother Dr Juan some more just because of this. Because without incubator, my experiment won’t work at all! But also thanks to Erik for the great favour. He helped me yet again to get an available shaker incubator. I am very grateful for this.

Then comes the problem that the microbiology is of limited access, even to lecturers. Erik was telling me how its 100% Dr Juan has no access! And the keys are not easily lent! So… I was worried and I do not feel like troubling Erik further.

I went back to my supervisor who has always been very tolerating of me and my clumsiness! =.= Just to make sure his card works for the level 5, he got me to get his card to try. And it works! But…

I ruined his card tag =.= how clumsy can a person be? Ok, perhaps I should not even blame myself. My pain is coming back and its getting intense. It was such a torture to even jump/run a little this evening. The pain came shooting on my left knee when I was going through a door (which I came out of, from the bridge connecting building 2 and building 3) =.= I nearly fell flat down on my face. Lucky there was no one looking too! BUT I RUINED DR JUAN’S TAG!

I haven’t yet admitted to it. I taped it back and returned it to him. I guess he did not suspect and I ran away quickly. Well, guilty! Nevermind, I went to get a new one and hope to pass it back to him and also to admit my wrong!

All this for that girl! But its not like I am keeping grudges. Just hope she would have said sorry only. I could not possibly call her to stop her incubation right? I cannot get over the fact she did not say sorry and also gave a very lame excuse. My booking is just one line above her booking. HOW CAN SHE NOT SEE IT?! =(

Whether on purpose or not, the sorry meant a lot. But I guess it does not matter anymore?! I will forget it pretty soon anyway. Unless she does something similar again! =.= When I was in a rush, she came in looking for help with the shaking incubator. Seong Hoong was so mean cause he did not layan her. I was in a rush but still need to help her out. I did not do it unwillingly lah…  But I still have not gotten over it mah

Having an early lab tomorrow! Go to sleep bah! This would not even matter soon anyway. I should be happy over the fact that the incubator problem is solved. Left with the key/access. I already emailed Dr Juan as a reminder (as he requested) and hopefully it won’t be too much troubles for him!

Nights people,

The one who is still very blessed to have good supervisor and lab mates/neighbours!


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