Did I ever say?

I do not really like big crowds, especially those I am not close with. And in large crowds (a group of more than five?), with people whom I am not close with or cannot relate to, I tend to be very quiet. To a degree that people think I am shy? Or to a degree that I am not acting like myself?

I have been refraining from eating with the seniors, fearing that they would laugh at how I just eat soup and not eat the noodles, or not being able to finish a meal?! Yet it feels weird not eating with them after working in the same space for sometime. Since Khoo suggested for the pasta lunch, I asked them to join and boy was I lucky, cause the soup was not really a matching one with the pasta, I did not drink a lot. And I managed to finish what I ordered =)

Then there comes this second time, this time Yee Meng was present =D I could not stop telling you how I have this “tai ka jie” in my lab who is very caring =) But it just reminds me that I could not even get the chilli from the next table when she could just walk over and ask/get it. I must learn to be more independent *reminder!*

This was unexpected because I thought it was a Friday and the cafeteria should be open. Yet to find out it is closed as it was a public holiday too. AND THEY CHOSE MIAN DUI MIAN PAN MEE.

Yes, I eat all the soup but not the noodle as usual. Von Yi was already starting to complain and I had to just tell her “shhhhh”… or else the lab would have another thing to talk about me! Seong Hoong and Yee Meng help finish my noodle anyway =D Hehe…

But it was a weird lunch because I do not talk as much. Both that lunches were weird anyway. Maybe I have not gotten use to their presence at such times. I never knew I take time to make “friends” =.=

Well, although I know Seong Hoong  since last semester (although we took the same unit two semesters back then), he still gives me an authoritative figure feeling. Similarly, I know Shanq Yeet a little longer but could not relate to him albeit I can play more with him! I just only knew Patric and the others, not more than two months. So this should be normal.

I do not know why I try to justify my behaviour. Sigh… I am weird. or perhaps this is called unique? Daily, I am being reminded of how clumsy and careless I am. I cannot do anything but to laugh it off. But I promise to be a better person! I will be. I must be!

Time is short. I want to flyyyyy~

The one who dreams way too much!


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    KCY said,

    yeah! Cheers to clumsy girl~!

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