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The dead rats

What’s new other than lab eh?!

Back to lab to filter my enzymes and incubate them. My mood was pretty good… till lunch time. I decided to have lunch with Erik and suddenly he decided to ask those in third floor whether they want to have lunch or not.

Joshua had plans on and so we did not eat together. Erik then decided to go to Dr Ton’s lab. There was a stench but it was bearable. I saw a few cages out on the door and thought they gave the lil experimental babies a bath or something. But when I stepped into their lab, I have a bad aura surrounding me. Yeah, I felt something like that.

No, I was not told about the killings. Creepy right?

Walking out of the lab, I told Erik something like that. And he told me they killed the rats. Tears flooded my eyes. I do not know why. I am not an extreme animal lover. I am scared of animals, remember? Well, I will play with the dogs if I sense that they are safe LOL

I could not hold my tears back. Rushed into Joshua’s lab planning to steal some tissue and get back up to my lab. But Erik came in too quickly and hence I cried in front of Joshua. And made Joshua shoo Erik out of the lab! Major embarrassment!

I still feel very sad over those rats. And I know I would be that way and hence I did not do my research unit under Dr Ton in the first place albeit I was very interested in her works. Diabetes. Something I think I would want to learn and work on. Oh well…

The cruelty in the name of Science,

The one who wish the rats would feel so much better now in Heaven ❤


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It has been more than a week that I have not blogged I guess. Been really busy. Going to uni at 7am or 8am, back at 1am or even 3am. I am serious. I slept so lil and work so much. Exhausted but (hopefully) satisfying.

Today I am as busy as usual but I have the urge to blog. WHY?! Cause I think its not a very good day afterall. Putting on the smiles is not as easy but when you see others are in worse conditions, its the only thing you can do.

I feel like crying so much. But I guess I cannot. TT It was not really a big deal when I found out one of Dr Choo’s student (again!) booked the incubator for two days and not used it. I could have pretreated my enzymes and used the incubator!

But I guess its cumulative… having lost my keys, and making Yee Meng walked all around campus so to look for the keys/student ID/insurance card again… having to not be able to help Michelle as I promised… having to spoil one of Michelle’s only sample when I was able to help… and sometimes even seeing how others are working on their things and I could not even help a tad bit hurts.

Maybe I should stop typing. I cannot contain all the emotions. And SH is sitting right opposite me. Nevermind, I walked out and am back.

Tears rolling,

The one who is feeling weary, emotionally (not physically).

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Annoyed. Like, seriously…

Have you ever got that feeling? Like, seriously. Very. Annoyed.

I do not know. Maybe its the late night. Long nap and hence awake. Yet tonnes of work. UNDONE. Laggy laptop. HANGS.

Terrible mood `aye?

I think I need those naps but having them keeps me awake at night too. And I never learn my lesson. BOOOO… sleep first then contemplate later lah. Its always this case =.=

I have been thinking of starting on my report since two weeks ago? And oh my… I was kept busy by doing I-do-not-know-what’s and the experiment. Geez… so much of discipline and attention right? And the introduction/report/thesis papa Juan wants every week. I took his email for granted and did not go meet him this week. Well, he says IF. I just take his word for it! xP

Nevermind, I was never a very disciplined person, and very unlikely a hardworking one too… But ON TOP OF all these, having people wanting too much from you when you expect them to have them done is really frustrating. Like, REALLY FRUSTRATING. Really. Frustrating.

WHAT?! They never tell. And I never ask. We just assume. I done my part, expecting them to do their part. YET, they were expecting me to get all done. Everyone is busy and yet everyone should do something for something they want lah, darling. NO?!

I know you all have things to do and please also do know I have my things to do. If not, why am I up here all night long doing these work?! IF I AM THAT FREE, PERHAPS I WOULD BE CATCHING DRAMAS OR DREAMS! =.= I would seriously want to go snorkelling again. Or just laze in a great nice beach chilling =D Sighhh…

And OTHER THAN THAT, having someone telling you something you think you comprehend yet to be told you do not understand at all is really bad… Like, very bad. VERY. BAD.

THE WORST OF ALL IS TO HAVE SOMEONE TAKE WHAT YOU DID FOR GRANTED. If I did my part and you do not know anything about it, shut your mouth up then! If you think you did more and your time is more precious than mine, then stop complaining and get things done. The time you spent complaining should be MORE THAN ENOUGH to get things done! =.=

Sorry for this mindless rant,

The one who is whacky =.=

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My weekend

I think this semester, I have been in lab quite often. I am not complaining because I find it nice to be in there too. No need to squeeze around, walk around or whatever to get a place to sit down comfortably to do my work. Err… not really work lah xP

But I realise a big part of my weekend is spent in lab too. Oh well, in the name of research. But then I would not go if given the chance. I planned this week’s experiment accordingly too and made sure I have the weekends free.


Thanks to the girl who snatched my incubator. Well, I was the one who booked first and she took it. She did not even apologise. Yes, I remember. I think “sorry” makes a lot of difference. She could have even told me about it! If Erik had not told me about it, I would be crazily preparing my experiment and end up not being able to work on it =.=

And this time, I re-confirmed with her time and again that I would be able to run my experiment and hence I pretreated my enzymes. I now have limited enzymes and oil. YET SHE TOLD ME: “OH NO HONEY~ Its TOMORROW” =.=

I was so lost and frustrated that I had to whine like a baby. I first called Erik to tell him HOW CORRECT HE WAS! He previously told me she would screw it up for me again! GAHHHH!

And I went to find my papa Juan and tell him I lack the enzymes and also oil. And WHAT FREAKING HAPPENED! And asked for advise. HE TOLD ME TO BE SARCASTIC TO HER! Deng! That is my papa Juan lah. WHAT A GOOD SUPERVISOR RIGHT? But I have to admit/agree to how people said I am stupid for not forcing her to remove her things when I found out she snatched my incubator. DAMN.

Anyway, as per papa Juan advised, I stored the enzymes as properly as possible. And he said the new incubator he bought is coming in two days time. But anything can happen. I hope not. AND FINALLY, YAY TO OWN INCUBATOR! I have to fight with Patric only then to use the incubator xD HAHAHA

And I had fun in lab helping out my seniors, Seong Hoong, Patric and Erik. Maybe one day I would post up some pictures on the things I saw/played with =D Good fun and experience. Learning takes place well when you are having fun anyway! =D

Not as frustrated anymore,

The one who should be counting blessings! =D

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