My weekend

I think this semester, I have been in lab quite often. I am not complaining because I find it nice to be in there too. No need to squeeze around, walk around or whatever to get a place to sit down comfortably to do my work. Err… not really work lah xP

But I realise a big part of my weekend is spent in lab too. Oh well, in the name of research. But then I would not go if given the chance. I planned this week’s experiment accordingly too and made sure I have the weekends free.


Thanks to the girl who snatched my incubator. Well, I was the one who booked first and she took it. She did not even apologise. Yes, I remember. I think “sorry” makes a lot of difference. She could have even told me about it! If Erik had not told me about it, I would be crazily preparing my experiment and end up not being able to work on it =.=

And this time, I re-confirmed with her time and again that I would be able to run my experiment and hence I pretreated my enzymes. I now have limited enzymes and oil. YET SHE TOLD ME: “OH NO HONEY~ Its TOMORROW” =.=

I was so lost and frustrated that I had to whine like a baby. I first called Erik to tell him HOW CORRECT HE WAS! He previously told me she would screw it up for me again! GAHHHH!

And I went to find my papa Juan and tell him I lack the enzymes and also oil. And WHAT FREAKING HAPPENED! And asked for advise. HE TOLD ME TO BE SARCASTIC TO HER! Deng! That is my papa Juan lah. WHAT A GOOD SUPERVISOR RIGHT? But I have to admit/agree to how people said I am stupid for not forcing her to remove her things when I found out she snatched my incubator. DAMN.

Anyway, as per papa Juan advised, I stored the enzymes as properly as possible. And he said the new incubator he bought is coming in two days time. But anything can happen. I hope not. AND FINALLY, YAY TO OWN INCUBATOR! I have to fight with Patric only then to use the incubator xD HAHAHA

And I had fun in lab helping out my seniors, Seong Hoong, Patric and Erik. Maybe one day I would post up some pictures on the things I saw/played with =D Good fun and experience. Learning takes place well when you are having fun anyway! =D

Not as frustrated anymore,

The one who should be counting blessings! =D


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