It has been more than a week that I have not blogged I guess. Been really busy. Going to uni at 7am or 8am, back at 1am or even 3am. I am serious. I slept so lil and work so much. Exhausted but (hopefully) satisfying.

Today I am as busy as usual but I have the urge to blog. WHY?! Cause I think its not a very good day afterall. Putting on the smiles is not as easy but when you see others are in worse conditions, its the only thing you can do.

I feel like crying so much. But I guess I cannot. TT It was not really a big deal when I found out one of Dr Choo’s student (again!) booked the incubator for two days and not used it. I could have pretreated my enzymes and used the incubator!

But I guess its cumulative… having lost my keys, and making Yee Meng walked all around campus so to look for the keys/student ID/insurance card again… having to not be able to help Michelle as I promised… having to spoil one of Michelle’s only sample when I was able to help… and sometimes even seeing how others are working on their things and I could not even help a tad bit hurts.

Maybe I should stop typing. I cannot contain all the emotions. And SH is sitting right opposite me. Nevermind, I walked out and am back.

Tears rolling,

The one who is feeling weary, emotionally (not physically).


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    Anais said,

    Foo chan, I didn’t know it was this bad… You’re working so hard, so never give up okie… When everything is finally over and your experiments are a success at the end it will be worth all the sweat and tears…

    If you ever need a shoulder to cry on you can always come to me.. So don’t hesitate in messaging me or anything…

    Take care and stay strong! When this is all over there will be many good things waiting…

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