The MIA Times

Hello everyone =D Been MIA. It is really quite a long time this time. ><

Not really busy with experiments. Just tired daily. Not totally due to experiments and the work. I have been watching a lot of dramas too. Unhealthy investment! HAHA

But I guess after such long periods of hardwork, letting my hair down for a bit is nothing bad. From tomorrow onwards, the internet would be cut off in the labs. So I guess more people will meet in the honours room. And after filtering my things, I would perhaps camp in the honours room to write up my thesis. And also my report for GEN3040 ><

Maybe I shall focus on doing my thesis first and send into Dr Juan (again) ASAP and then get going with my GEN3040 report. That is a one helluva report too! >< Very demanding of us!

But I guess I will pull through! Other than those, I have been enjoying life a lot. Spending lots of time with Patric and Seong Hoong. Its just like I suddenly have two elder brothers. I guess after this degree I will miss them too (other than those whom I always hang out with too)

Hmmm… another one more month and it is the end of my degree! I felt like job hunting straightaway so I could earn money and start travelling ASAP. Or probably I should just rot at home (back in Brunei)! HAHA

Ok, most probably I would want to do something fun or productive (which includes travelling). Or perhaps I should consider working part-time somewhere unrelated to what I study? Or perhaps related to what I study? That extra money might earn me a new smart phone (that is IF I could not get the family to buy xP) Hmm… many things to ponder about. OR PERHAPS I SHOULD BE THINKING ABOUT MY WORKLOAD NOW AND ALSO TO REVISE? =.=

Wish me luck,

The one who is enjoying life a lot, making the best out of everything =D


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