Bench works =D

Yesterday marked the official ending of my bench works. No, it does not mean the end of the labs xD I wonder when I need to clear all the bottles of stuff. But I shall be hardworking and get my thesis written and also complete the last two reports of my undergraduate life xD

It is tiring alright but I will pull through. Exams are in less than a month’s time and I still do not feel the pressure. Hope I will be able to study well enough. Six more things to go; two reports, one thesis, one poster and two exams! And this should mark the end of my undergraduate life 😉

While I am on all these, I do not mind to keep helping Seong Hoong and Patric. They have been fun company in the lab and also for lunch/dinner. And keeping me away from the scary eerieness of the lab! =) I will certainly miss them! (I think LOL)

We have yet to celebrate. Yesterday, each of us has a cause to celebrate but did not ><


The one who is truly blessed ❤


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