The life of an owl

I guess I have always been a nocturnal animal anyway…

Some updates this late night. Or should I say… early morning?! LOL

(1) Life is still good. It is hectic but not so anymore. Now I just have to rush my thesis and reports. And also to revise well for my exams. Last semester. I shall thrive! xP

(2) I have been enjoying good company from both Patric and Seong Hoong. You know? Just silent company at times. Ok, not silent. How can I stand not talking?! LOL But it is really nice having people around who can let you do your work while they do theirs. At certain times, talk a little or so and then continue.

(3) I never had any elder brothers. Well, Robin and Bernie are. Just they are in Canada and we don’t talk no more. They always say they would be back but they postpone it constantly. Speaking of them, I do miss Uncle David a lot still. He is fine with the angels. Must be. Patric and Seong Hoong… the stereotypical brothers I have in mind.

(4) I was once angry, sad and frustrated for people say I am too close to Seong Hoong. I am not exactly too close. I am thankful for his words (whether wise or jokes) to let me understand what others say might not mean anything. The others could have been close to him too if they chose to so (as I paraphrase what he said). I never chose to be close to him but it was fate to be in the same lab I guess. I think I will miss pestering him and Patric a lot. This may sound weird, but I think I will miss the “bullying” times too. Of course, they bully me! Not the other way round! LOL

(5) As usual, I am afraid of darkness and ghostly sounds. Maybe it is time to learn not to. I still won’t talk when it comes to ordering (unless I am really forced to). Maybe I should learn too. This is life of a scaredy cat! TSK! One day, I will be fully independent =D

(6) Recently I am contemplating getting a smartphone. Not like I never did before but just then I had the Nokia Music Express 5800. I thought that was sufficient. Then I wanted Blackberry or HTC. Yet, when I get my hands on Seong Hoong’s iPhone 4, I think iPhone would be better than the aforementioned. THE ENDLESS APPLICATIONS! Ohhhh myyyyy! But now is not the time to get it. I would totally not study for exams! LOL

(7) I procrastinate a lot. This is a no-no! I should try to not sleep for the whole of tomorrow and get my Plant Biotech report done AND also my thesis draft! HELP ME! But if I get too quiet or lonely, I would be sleepy! WTH!?

(8) I think tomorrow I have to hide somewhere too like Seong Hoong just so I can let myself be away from distractions. ok, like the internet is not a distraction?! HAIH! I MUST BE DISCIPLINED (never happens) ><

(9) Considering going to Thailand now with the parents and grandmother. Should I?! My dad’s friend going too. Having to layan uncles/aunties do not sound like a good holiday LOL. Ok, probably I won’t even be interested in what they are seeing too. Gahhh… reconsider!

(10) I should be using this time to write my thesis draft rather than blogging. Oh well, blog therapy. I am not sad or angry. Just I felt I need to express something out. I am afraid I will miss my life in labs and with that two “brothers” of mine.

Life is full of phases,

The one who is cherishing her good moments. =D


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