Things just should not reciprocate.

I could not take the tantrums people throw at me without apparent reason. Well, if you want to show how annoyed, irritated, frustrated or angry you are at a person/thing, you should make it clear what is the source, RIGHT?

Well, you do not feel like talking when it just happened. Alright. Reasonable. I do that too to avoid ugly regretful words coming out. But it is more than just a day or so! WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU? I was sad and really down. Probably you are not even worth my tears. But, whatever, you can have it your way. Because I will stand stronger!

On a totally unrelated point, I just wonder what privacy is now. I talk/tell a lot but how sure are you that is everything that is happening? There are more layers to everything. I decided to keep those layers without making it obvious only. SO? Is that not my right?

Just because of a mistake of mine, it does not mean you can show everyone something that relates so closely to what I was thinking. Are you out of your mind?! I do not know. Maybe I was out of my mind.

I think I should start to ignore what people say/do. Mind my own business and stop offering a helping hand. Stop whatever and just lock my mind and heart to revising! Probably I shall not continue to subscribe to my broadband and hence no internet. And… just solely revision. It is my last try eh?

Well, I shall see what is the final decision for the summer plans. Hopefully the answer comes tomorrow! And I shall not fret. I think I am ready to face my future bravely!

Staying brave,

The one who lost her mind.


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