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I am having tonnes of fun now. Enjoying and having great times with my uni mates. Soon, we would part on different ways and never know when we will meet again. I think I will miss all these good times a lot.

Really have to thank everyone who bear with me so much. Especially my temper, my stubborn-ness, my laziness, my dependence, my questionings, my dumb curiousity, etc. Everything!

All throughout my life, I miss Paris the most. That was the time when I was most independent, working through things myself in a very great way. And I guess, in similar ways, I would miss Malaysia (especially Sunway) a lot. The time when I am not as independent as I can potentially be because I have the help and care of a great bunch of friends. They brought me cruising through things (daily life and uni life).

I totally cherish all the little things (I remember, yes, I do =D) everyone did for me. I might not have mentioned much about those but they do mean a lot. This showed how much it meant when I kept talking about it xD I am already missing a lot of people like Khoo, Mun Keat, Chee Sian etc. I won’t be able to see them anytime soon now =(

I am just back from Cameron Highlands (a place I wanted to go since early of uni year but only got to go after uni ended) HAHA… and need to seriously pack now. An early trip again 😉

Keeping the memories,

The one who is trying to fill her “bottomless” jar with good times 😉


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Some people

You know? I do believe in angels. Not the angels, demons, devils type. More like, people being angelic.

Maybe I never tell much, but then there are certain people (despite the distance and lack of contact), remain important to me and their friendships are deeply treasured. One such person is Jia Xin. She being herself is good enough. Enough to stand up for people she thinks deserves them and enough to fight against the differences and ignorance. I do miss her at times and no matter how many times I changed my MSN email, I always add her up. Although I do not really chat with her as much already.

And recently, I was introduced to a girl called Jia Xin. This name alone made me feel elated. But I was at the same time scared. Scared that “Jia Xin” won’t be the bubbly, friendly, charming girl that I knew. First impressions they say. Never want them to go shattering into pieces. Especially when I already had some expectations.

When I first saw her, she got her sleepy head look xD but throughout the day, I observed that she is a friendly little girl, just like the Jia Xin I know. She is such a warm little lady that I felt like its insanity not loving such a lady! Such ladies are naturally pretty 😉 Inside out! [No, I am not a lesbian]

I saw her the second time after the Broga Hill trip, at the graduation ceremony of my seniors/friends. I wanted to go up to say hi to her but I guess, I know her not well enough to make that move. But, as expected of “Jia Xin”, she said hi =) I reciprocated but never initiated a photo taking. And today, saw her pictures. And I find her still oozing the charms and friendliness.

I really miss the Jia Xin I knew. Perhaps she (either of them) won’t know about this post. It sounds so cheesy anyway. But I am glad such people did walk into my life, at some point in time.

Truly blessed,

The one who does not know what she did in her previous life to deserve all the goodness in life 😉

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Lost Wallet

Lost my wallet. Realised this morning only. I lost it at about 9.30pm, after coming back from Klang, in Monash.

I was still hoping it is stuck somewhere at home, in lab, in someone’s car, etc. But guess its all wishful thinking now.

Lodged a report with the security at university but I do not think there will be positive news. It could have been the students (as the library was opened till 11pm last night), the security (night or morning shifts) or the cleaners (when I reported this and checked, it was about 9am already).

When I realised I lost my wallet, it was 8.32am already. The first person I could recall being in uni so early is Seong Hoong. He helped me check but it was already a gone case. When I reached uni at 9am, there is already no sight of it.

I am sure it is not home, like searched five times already. I do not remember having my wallet with me too when I got home. So, yeah…

I tried getting to my dad and uncle but could not. Just realised they are in Thailand and Vietnam respectively. Hope they would be calm to hear about this. I kept losing studd… clumsy me! =( Have yet to make a police report. All my identification cards etc =( HAIH

Do not feel like talking,

The one who should be more vigilant!

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Its time to let go…

Perhaps so! I have always wondered what if I hold on longer? I always never hold on longer than long. Well, long itself is defined by me myself xD


However and whatever it is, I have already decided its time to let go. Its so hard to keep on holding on to something that won’t last. Not only do I get hurt, I lose my freedom. The feeling on wanting to hold on to it make me want to be within its vicinity so bad, so bad. I guess, it is time to let go and get back the freedom I have always yearned for.

And for the very first time in my life, I have the feeling of dieting. I never did so not because of what, just I am enjoying life and my weight yo-yos around depending on the lifestyle I am in. I miss Paris a lot as that is where I ate super lots of good fatty food yet slimmed down. I do not know why xD But that is NOT the main reason I miss Paris, ok? xP

But I really do not know how to go on a diet!!! LOL. I do not eat a lot, well, most of the time. Just cause I cannot. But I can eat a lot of meals. The thing is, I usually eat twice/thrice a day only and maybe little snacks in between! Hmmm… maybe it is what I eat.

But for you <3, I would! I know you love me the way I am but I want to be in my best shape for all those memories 😉 It is a big part ok? And also the big day that is to come after that! First time, I made such decision! OK? *must love me a lot more* looking forward to whichever day between July to September 2011! ❤

And, I finished my exams. Basically I am very free now. Nothing much to do except to prepare for my presentation. Have yet to go shop for something. And all those planning *excited*. Nothing is fixed but good enough to keep me excited! been a long time I take pictures. I have always been around my seniors, whom I am not close to. *do not feel like snapping pictures then*

Back to where I have a better sense of belonging… perhaps I can keep more memories. Its not that my seniors do not make me feel welcomed, just really, it was just a few months! I feel more comfortable being myself in front of others whom I knew longer xD

Its also the time to start packing my bags and leave Malaysia for good (up till I decide whether I really want to do honours or not xD). To go on more road trips. To have as much company as possible with all my uni mates. In preparation to start another new exciting journey! ❤

Being happy,

The one who does not like to be tied down by anything, especially something intangible!

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RED + Broga

Hello. I only have two papers for my finals this sem. But it is not easy as I took another unit, research related. That itself is heavy enough albeit a more flexible time and no boring lectures/tutorials.

The first paper – done. Next paper – coming. First paper, two and a half hours writing time. I was blur and sleepy for the first hour until I decided to refresh myself (went for a toilet trip) but no help as I did not realise this is a two and a half hours paper. Sigh. Its alright. Hope I pass.

Second paper will be on Tuesday. And guess what? I haven’t revised! I am totally prepared. BAZINGA. Of course I am not! Sighhh… been playing plant versus zombie. Its really good! xD And yeah, I know I am late. WHATEVER xD

And I went to Tropicana Mall for the first ever time to watch RED. It was nice =) Nothing much in Tropicana Mall actually. But I enjoyed the time with the people. I guess there will be less of such times. I forgot to bring my camera then. So… no pictures =(

And the very next day… to Broga Hill. Guess what? We were to wake at 4am. So I was a good girl. Went to sleep at 9.45pm. But I was awake at 1am o.O The firecrackers and kids-can’t-stop-screaming-at-1-am kept me awake. I rolled around my bed till 2.15am and finally decided to wake up to continue my plant versus zombie. Went to shower in between and before I know it, Seong Hoong called to let me know he is coming and Shanq Yeet sms-ed to let me know it was not raining and plan goes as said.

Climbed up but was so foggy. Not much to see. And it was really… well, the climb was really good. Been a long time I went hiking. Very satisfying indeed but coming down was scary. I have always been scared of walking downhill ><

Then we were up there for quite some time talking. There was no proper big rock overlooking the place for me to snap some pictures. Too crowded to my liking. And it was foggy too. So I end up not taking any pictures. >< So not me right? Nevermind xD

We went to the Goddess of Mercy Temple to get changed. I was too dirty and decided not to go into the Temple. Oh well… and around 10.45am, we made a move to a nearby restaurant which sells awesome fish. Actually, this applies for KL/Selangor. Fish is supposed to be awesome. I actually love fish and never tasted bad ones in Brunei. Well, maybe cause we have them at home and hey, my dad is a cook xP

I still cannot take the steamed fish but its really much better with a light taste of the soil. BUT… I just cannot take the soil/mud taste. The other fish which was deep-fried was awesome. I did not bring my camera down the car. So, yeah… xP

The squid was not bad too but I had better ones in Klang. The one Khoo’s mum took us to last time. Hehe… overall the meal was quite good =) With lots of laughter and fun. Oh well, Patric was in mood! xD

I should really start revising but when I got home at about 2pm, light shower, sleep till 7pm. Woke up with my head spinning >< Showered again, eat, went back to sleep till about 10pm? SUCH A PIG.

And I have since play plant versus zombie (and revised one lecture) till now. Till this urge to blog! Hmmm… maybe I should sleep and study tomorrow (procrastinating)

A bad habit,

The one who likes to procrastinate.

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Thesis submission

Yes, I finally submitted my thesis. But exams still around the corner. Worst of all, I haven’t been studying much. Not that I am not worried, I actually am but I could not tell how the mood is never set for revision. Or should I say STUDY? I skipped so many lecturers *smacks head* And even if I do attend, I never really paid any attention. I do not know why.

I used to love going to school, being in class, listening to the teacher. Like really, listen and learn. But in university, I find that very hard. Right during the first year first semester, I already realised that. I do not think a year gap had anything to do with this.

Nevermind, just I have been a lazy person. Maybe lazy is not appropriate too. I just focused way too much on experiments and not the coursework >< I thought I would feel light after handing in the thesis which I had started working on since early of the semester (thanks to the pushing by Dr Juan).

I now feel so heavy. Albeit the two hours sleep only, I am very much sane. Just heavy hearted. Weird kind of feeling. The feeling that I am detached from this lab. Seong Hoong created a group for our labs. I guess everyone is finding a place to “place” their sense of belonging to this lab, LACET. Well, maybe not everyone. LOL. Sorry for all those irony.

Well, I have decided to stay back on continue on more experiments and, more of Dr Juan’s concern, to draft out my article. I think Dr Juan wants to publish my work. Ok, its not think. I am sure he wants to. Otherwise, he won’t ask me to write the article ><

I was planning to work well into February next year. I guess the conditions do not allow and I would then just stay till end of this year. My dad was so elated. I could not stop feeling his smiley face. Well, it is a good thing. Pleasing my old man! Hmmm… what does the future hold for me? Going academia or out to the social world?

I really enjoy the experiments and time in lab. Partly due to the good lab companies. Then again, the learning process which is very gratifying. You know the feeling which keep you going in the research? The good results. Well, there are lots of bad times too. But they would mean nothing (or maybe cause I am too happy about others to remember those) LOL

I have got a feeling I want to continue doing honours/masters/phD. Just cause I can be quite dependent, I would want to do it in a familiar place like Monash Sunway. Well, maybe if you give me a chance to be in a new city, this reluctance would fade as soon as I see how fun a new place/city is! =) tsk…

What do I want?

The one who is dreaming BIG =)

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