Its time to let go…

Perhaps so! I have always wondered what if I hold on longer? I always never hold on longer than long. Well, long itself is defined by me myself xD


However and whatever it is, I have already decided its time to let go. Its so hard to keep on holding on to something that won’t last. Not only do I get hurt, I lose my freedom. The feeling on wanting to hold on to it make me want to be within its vicinity so bad, so bad. I guess, it is time to let go and get back the freedom I have always yearned for.

And for the very first time in my life, I have the feeling of dieting. I never did so not because of what, just I am enjoying life and my weight yo-yos around depending on the lifestyle I am in. I miss Paris a lot as that is where I ate super lots of good fatty food yet slimmed down. I do not know why xD But that is NOT the main reason I miss Paris, ok? xP

But I really do not know how to go on a diet!!! LOL. I do not eat a lot, well, most of the time. Just cause I cannot. But I can eat a lot of meals. The thing is, I usually eat twice/thrice a day only and maybe little snacks in between! Hmmm… maybe it is what I eat.

But for you <3, I would! I know you love me the way I am but I want to be in my best shape for all those memories 😉 It is a big part ok? And also the big day that is to come after that! First time, I made such decision! OK? *must love me a lot more* looking forward to whichever day between July to September 2011! ❤

And, I finished my exams. Basically I am very free now. Nothing much to do except to prepare for my presentation. Have yet to go shop for something. And all those planning *excited*. Nothing is fixed but good enough to keep me excited! been a long time I take pictures. I have always been around my seniors, whom I am not close to. *do not feel like snapping pictures then*

Back to where I have a better sense of belonging… perhaps I can keep more memories. Its not that my seniors do not make me feel welcomed, just really, it was just a few months! I feel more comfortable being myself in front of others whom I knew longer xD

Its also the time to start packing my bags and leave Malaysia for good (up till I decide whether I really want to do honours or not xD). To go on more road trips. To have as much company as possible with all my uni mates. In preparation to start another new exciting journey! ❤

Being happy,

The one who does not like to be tied down by anything, especially something intangible!


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