Lost Wallet

Lost my wallet. Realised this morning only. I lost it at about 9.30pm, after coming back from Klang, in Monash.

I was still hoping it is stuck somewhere at home, in lab, in someone’s car, etc. But guess its all wishful thinking now.

Lodged a report with the security at university but I do not think there will be positive news. It could have been the students (as the library was opened till 11pm last night), the security (night or morning shifts) or the cleaners (when I reported this and checked, it was about 9am already).

When I realised I lost my wallet, it was 8.32am already. The first person I could recall being in uni so early is Seong Hoong. He helped me check but it was already a gone case. When I reached uni at 9am, there is already no sight of it.

I am sure it is not home, like searched five times already. I do not remember having my wallet with me too when I got home. So, yeah…

I tried getting to my dad and uncle but could not. Just realised they are in Thailand and Vietnam respectively. Hope they would be calm to hear about this. I kept losing studd… clumsy me! =( Have yet to make a police report. All my identification cards etc =( HAIH

Do not feel like talking,

The one who should be more vigilant!


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