It has been some time

I am in for some lovey dovey notes here. If this is not your page, click away. *shy*

Joking! Nothing to be shy. Just probably blogging it out would be way better? For me of course. xP

The last few times, it was them who took interest first. To my best knowledge, this is the first that I have someone whom I took interest in. Well, we are not talking about my first crush Dylan. HAHAHA I mentioned about Dylan quite a few times. It was just some puppy love!

You know, the kid next door whom I always hang out with? Cute, good looking, charming, Caucasian (ok, this is of least importance I guess) and everything. I guess we were all still young then. His family then moved away. We lost contact. we never knew what is keep-in-touch back then. We were barely of age! LOL

Sorry, I diverged. Back to that someone whom I took interest in…

I do think of him, I do not talk much about him, I stalk his page when no one is around, I think of the words he said, I appreciate (with extra more appreciations) of what he did for me, etc. All in all, I miss him.

I used to believe that no one in this world could not live without someone. Don’t get me wrong, cause I still think so. In the sense where bgr is concerned. But I guess I am stepping deeper because it feels so scary how I am tempted to open his page/MSN just to see if he is around! The week-long separation did not diminished the feeling (but strangely, I think it did not grow too). I do not know.

I do not dare admit too. He is brilliant in all ways I guess (just cause I am blinded, maybe) HAHAHA… But I do initiate contact with him on a quite frequent basis. I have been holding back. I do not know why I did that too.

At times I initiated the chat, yet I do not feel like continuing too. Weird right? Eccentric! Maybe I am too rational too, because I am controlling myself and my feelings well. I do not know whether it is concealed. So far, very little people joked about us. (Yes, this meant people did joke about us). Hmmm… I do not have the courage to accept love that is not reciprocated. So I guess I am not going all out for this.

Time will let this feeling fade,

The one who is afraid of what love may bring.


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