Precious lil gem of the family

I guess my youngest baby sister is the gem. My mom was so sudden, just want to skype. Usually my sister would be the one who skype with me and they would just join in.

Probably she made the skype account and coincidentally saw my facebook status on how nobody would understand. Or perhaps someone kept a tab on my blog post and saw my previous post.

My baby sis, albeit six years old, still could not talk fluently. No, she does not have ADHD, Down Syndrome or autism. She is normal but just in terms of speech, she is a slow learner. Other aspects, she is faster than fast xD

She talked to me about Christmas, about presents at Jangsak house, about school, about swimming, about going to KB for kolomee tomorrow, etc… I so miss her =( My other baby sis was already asleep. Considered early for her since it will be Sunday xD

My sister, on the other hand just MSN-ed me from her room while I was skyping with my baby sis in the parents’ room. She was too lazy and tired to make a move! Ahhh… well… going to see her soon anyway. She is coming over xD

Decisions decisions decisions,

The one who dislike this kind of uncertainty! =(


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