I once had this dream…

No… do not laugh. Promise? *pinky swear*

Yes, I had this very dream of living in an apartment. But I was afraid of the notion of having to live in an apartment alone yet wanted more than one housemate. I am used to having a room to myself xD

So my thoughts went faraway to having a maid of my own too in that rented apartment. She would also be a very good friend of mine. A maid who would be a good friend of mine is different from a good friend of mine being my maid, ok?

She would take care of the cleanliness, prepare simple meals, not much cooking, for me and herself. She could also run errands for me and all. This simple. Living harmoniously. So, having another housemate or not is not really the key. Just having a maid. TO DO HOUSE CHORES. I seriously dread them.

Well, it was like maybe ten years back? Or maybe eight years? HAHA Living out so long, I did not do much. Like, seriously. Well, except Year 2 because I was living in a shared apartment with joint responsibility to keep it clean.

In Year 1, I only did vacuuming. It was what I did once or twice a week. Very diligently because I was sharing a room with Su-Lyn. We mopped once only xD HAHAHA… or was it twice?! Throughout the whole year! LOL The living rooms and all, there was someone arranged by the management to clean the place twice weekly.

In Year 3, I lived alone in a rented room. With a bathroom so it was all me to keep the room and toilet clean. I used to clean the living room in the earlier days when I moved in, then I got busy, so I just cleaned my room and the toilet. Simple cleanings. Then I got busier, I never did any cleaning anymore. The toilet was cleaned less than three times by me xD HAHAHA… but it is relatively clean, alright?! xD

My room was the worst. Hairs everywhere… DUST! How I hate them but never bothered much. The most, I would pop some anti-histamines and sleep! xD And today, I had to do some major cleaning but got sick. Despite diarrhea, I cleaned the room slightly from 6pm to 9pm. Threw out quite some stuff. Got runny nose. Since the last cleaning (which was when my family was here and they cleaned the whole place – like really CLEAN the place LOL), the dust build up was unimaginable =.=

Though I do not still dream of having a maid living with me in an apartment next time, I would still want to work hard, study hard, live hard. Hard enough to earn enough money to let me enjoy yet get myself a maid/personal assistant who would do all these!

Living independent,

The one who failed terribly in house chores.


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