Lack of pictures

Not that I do not take them. Just, I was caught up with some stuff and now? LAZY xD Been going out, doing some stuff, helping some friends, feeling down, feeling unwell, etc… long long list of excuses xD Yes, EXCUSES xP

I remember that I stop posting pictures after the Lang Redang trip. Perhaps I should start from there again? =) This year I have been to quite a few new places and I am really glad having been able to make them. All thanks to my lovely bunch of friends.IMG_5904a (8)After Shanghai was Brunei and then to Sunway for the first semester of year 3! During the semester break, I went to Lang Tengah and Langkawi with two different groups of friends. IMG_5734Was at Lang Tengah with Jasmine Cheah, Caroline Ang and Yeen May. Yumni and Jillian suddenly pulled out wasting the money =( But it was still fun =D  IMG_5738This is a very scenic place which I love the most. Right in front of the place we stayed =) IMG_5838And this is the hideout place we would go to every morning and evening (not to say that there were many mornings and evenings but it was really the quiet place we resort to when we could not snorkel!) IMG_6200 Then back to Brunei and to Langkawi alone. Yes, I went alone xP And met up with Jimmy there. IMG_6531He picked me up from the airport and I stayed at his house throughout the days there. IMG_6274Joshua Tan, Shayini, Cheryl and Zen-Xern were there too =) But they stayed in a guest house or chalet. =)IMG_6325The very first night I arrived, I also met up with JJ, Wen Hao, Jasmine Foo, Chu Ying, Sze Ling and Hayden. IMG_6324Had lunch with both groups together before JJ et al. leave for Sunway.IMG_6457The remaining days were outing with Joshua et al. =) Went visiting to a few places using a rented car too as Jimmy wanted to spend some time with his family before going back to Sunway. IMG_6432The hospitality from him was very much appreciated. He has always been so nice =) and is really one of the nicest person I have been acquainted with =) Lang Tengah was not on my list of place to visit as I did not really know about it but I am glad to have made it there =) IMG_6357Langkawi was a deal with Jimmy since I met him! I was very ambitious then to want to visit (literally) everyone’s hometown! xP And I am glad I did make it to Langkawi =) Of course, there were more places that I wanted to go such as Ipoh, Melacca and Cameron Highlands. But could never find the right time and people to go with. When it was breaks, I would be back to Brunei. I cannot stay in Brunei for a short time only because its HOME. HAHA

And this year end, I got to go to Ipoh, Taiping, Bidor, Ipoh again, Cameron Highlands, Singapore (Universal Studio!) and then to Melacca! Last but not least, Bukit Tinggi (French village and Japanese tea house xD) I is the very happy kid who got to go to all these places with such memorable people ❤ All these are filling into my bottomless jar of happiness.

More pictures on the places I mention soon,

The one who keeps her promises xD


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