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Miri, Malaysia

I was there plainly because I haven’t been there for about a year or so. And I found out I have got a lot of free sms and minutes (don’t ask me why) and it would expire this 28th Jan o.O So going to Miri was a good chance to sms/call xD use them up! xD hehehe Did not really call, more of sms-ing only xD

But also to search for a specific few brands of cleanser suitable for my skin. Troublesome. Brunei has got none of it, except for the creams. Disappointed. I guess not much people would spend so much money just for a body cleanser. if it is a lotion/cream, I think I would feel better too to spend that money. But for a freaking body cleanser!

There was a few brands but I was mainly looking at Cetaphil or QV (doctor’s recommendation). There are newer ones which my aunt (midwife/nurse) recommends but it was like RM40 for a freaking 200 mL or so! o.O And its not practical to start on a brand and have to constantly go back to Miri to buy them. There are not a lot of these in stock. Moreover, they are usually available in pharmacy. We went to Guardian expecting it there, but there were none =( we then went to the normal pharmacy we always frequented and viola! A BIG BOTTLE! =D Got discount too (do not know if it is for everyone, but we love getting supplements medicines etc there as they always give us discount).

We opted at last for QV which was RM78 for 1L bottle. For the 500 mL one, it was RM44.50. Should be able to last me three months? I do hope it works for me. And I brought that into the car heavy hearted. So expensive. And not long after, I found out it was leaking. I thought it was just an accidental “pump” resulting in some leakage. BUT NO! =(

I felt that is it already too much that my family had to specially get me that cleanser and yet it leaked. Wasting my family’s money. The rainy day did not help either =( GAHHHH

So much troubles,

The one who hopes she would get a lot better and stop being so dependent on medications.


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Hmmm… apparently there is this Honda Jazz at home for me. But brother is using it now. For school or dating, he needs it. So I asked my aunt: So if I learnt how to drive already, what car am I driving? Aunt: Get a new car then. *Happy for a moment*

And by that, it means I buy my own car TT Uncle favourite is Toyota Yaris while her fav is some Nissan model. But I want a hybrid car. PRIUS xD hahaha… Damn expensive lah

Someone anyone… help!

On another side note, I am waiting for this year’s best angpau cum birthday gift. I hope I get a really positive answer. That would really make my day 😉 Or my month! Or whatever. Would not want to say “year” because I bet going back for my graduation convocation and meeting those friends in Malaysia OR even the June trip (still in planning) would fare better.

*As a proof of me not being a spoilt kid* I haven’t been getting much pocket money. I am not working and at home (considered even if going out) So I have no more than BND50 with me when I go out for gatherings/dinner or what ever. But life is still awesome ❤

As an update, I have been attending classes in UBD. More on Chemistry side =) Hope I can get myself more competent to do what I would involve myself in the near future =) And I really need to start earning some dough so I can shop like I wish to and go travel as I love to ❤ 2011 should be an awesomely good year! RIGHT? Cheers!

And many have been asking about me doing honours. Answer should be a finalised “NO” now. I never told people the very true reason why except till today. This afternoon when someone whom I always love chatting with but seldom does, chat with me. He is totally an awesome pie. Very friendly and has his own ways around things, albeit sometimes emo xD hahaha…And is very true to himself =)

No worries, I will be fine and I am very positive I will get awesomely better. Be able to go under the heat and sweat it out too as much as I want! Be able to expose those parts. Be able to enjoy the waters as much as possible like the others. Be able to go on a life as other normal people =) I believe that day will come ❤

With love,

The one who thinks life is a bit tiring but still standing strong.

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The to-do list of busy bee! *updated*

  1. Gathering with the girls (Ann, Em and Pat)
  2. KK shopping trip with Shee Yunn
  3. Gathering with the girls (Ann, Em, Pat and Wei Kee) with Yun
  4. Gathering with Theng, Ann, Ling and Wei Kee
  5. Make an appointment with Dr Sabrina (re-appointment)
  6. Appointment with Dr Sabrina
  7. Get medications (Oh no! The list for medication is LONGER =.=)
  8. Meet UBD lecturers
  9. Apply for RA positions
  10. Enquire about Master in Science by research
  11. File a “Brunei” police report
  12. Clean the room [Undergoing]
  13. Get unwanted clothing/toys/etc donated
  14. Replace Brunei ID
  15. Get provisional license
  16. Set time to study law (three classes) [Undergoing]
  17. Set time to sit for law exam
  18. Set time to learn driving (minimum ten hours)
  19. Send/reply ALL emails =.=
  20. Get Shee Yunn the journal articles she wanted
  21. Re-arrange ALL the textbooks (Monash)
  22. Read-up on the approved proposal on DSSC (and hope I score the job!)
  23. Bake the cake! (Some ingredients missing/Lazy)
  24. Enquire about violin classes for kids
  25. Enquire about piano and violin classes for adult
  26. Make tang yuen 
  27. to be continue =(

Busy bee,

The one who dislikes not being able to drive =(


After five days, I revisited this post. And those in bold and crossed over are those done in these five days. Easy task but took so many days. Obviously I have been bumming and can you actually believe that my room is still uncleaned? o.O gahh! Miss Lazy in the house!

Bumming around,

The one who wishes she could safely pass her driving test!

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What have I been doing?!

Aha! Up to no good xP

Just joking xD I have been getting tired of doing nothing and hence went to attend Biotechnology units too, other than the suggested NMR Spectroscopy. Been seeing very little of my aunt. Ok, I think I did not see her for a good whole week already. And just got reminded about that yesterday when she called me before her work ><

Ahhh such is life. Now I have classes from Monday to Thursday and Saturday. In Brunei, the working days are Monday to Thursday and Saturday. Odd right? Oh well, I have now yet to change (again) from not having two days holidays per week.

I have been talking to lots of lecturers. I was so keen about working with something more related to Biodiesel, then changed to something more related to Biotechnology (as the Professor for Biotechnology CAME!), and now to Chemistry TT

There were no strong hold of biodiesel in UBD. Ok, the deputy vice chancellor is doing something related. And she is soon going to patent her work. Sounds like a good job being carried out. But she is the DVC! So busy! How am I going to expect that she has time for me (I know! I am just so spoilt!).

As for Biotechnology, they do not even have the basic equipment. It is so disheartening. What is the use of having a good professor? Another point, he is more on the medical side. 30 years of experience in Sweden. Totally awesome. But what’s not is me, not wanting to kill rats and having to go hospitals more times than required! Ok, we can work on cell lines, but THE APPROPRIATE LABS? Yes, we can always go to the government departments and work around there to get the samples analysed, worked on etc. But that is another whole new area of redtapes that I have to go through. All those additional applications and moving around just to get some simple things done is not within my wishlist =(

So far, even from the very first time when I enquired about Master in Science by research, Chemistry Dept has been the only one who gave me a good respond. A very professional and experienced supervisor(s). A big project with NUS, Singapore government and Australian government involved. All sound so good. Just that it is more on Chemistry. But after more reading, it was just something that I can pick up on, just like biodiesel. Moreover, they already offer me an RA post. Just have to wait for the grant to come in!

Ahhh well… my family says to make my own decisions!!! I think I will push forward to continuing in Chemistry =) But meanwhile, I am still bored out of my mind. I even went to Facebook and deleted more than 50 people from my friendlist xD Selectively. More will be done after my graduation convocation (if I still haven’t yet start on my job! xD)

Good luck to everyone on everything,

The one who should get a life!

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Another phase of life

Surprise! I am still sick o.O I used to be sick all the time but the four years overseas, I haven’t been this sick. Albeit sick, I am still pretty active in going around.

Since I landed on Brunei soil, I have been eating way too much. I got sick a few days after. I got my baby sister sick too but she is fully recovered. I have yet to recover. I now wonder if all this is due to allergies =.= Even my skin is not behaving. I got re-appointments with Dr Sabrina done. And to have it clash with my lessons (YES! Lessons! o.O)

I had my appointment done last week after I was back from KK. Yes, I went to KK for few days. In the name of shopping! 😉 Quite a fruitful trip as i settled on the tops for CNY clothing. Need pants/jeans/skirts (if I do find nice ones that I would actually wear xD)

And today, went to meet up some lecturers in UBD. In search of an RA position and also to ask about MSc. I initially wanted to push for January intake but… oh well, red tapes and non-flexibility.

For now, I would attend some classes in UBD. INFORMALLY. Yes. Every Monday and Wednesday. I am happy about how it is rather easy to apply for MSc though because you just have to send four copies of everything. As for the proposal, the lecturer would get it done xD I have to get the timeline sorted though. The supervisor for one of the projects I am looking into is actually pushing me to do MSc and after a year, convert it to PhD. I am all in, but yet the fear in me is some-what holding me back. I did think of doing PhD back in Monash too. Ahhh… CHOICES.

I called my uncle right after three hours of sorting things out to find that he is in Thailand, going to Yangon. I thought he would only leave at 5pm =.= Oh well, he says to make my own decision. What is the best choice? STUDY INFORMALLY THEN MSc or just WORK THEN MSc? gahhh Studying informally is because the modules would be of good use in the future to analyse the samples. And its good to know more about NMR spectroscopy and more Chemistry based things. HOW?!

And there is a supervisor post waiting for me. My sister’s friends’ family is opening a branch for their shoes store and require a supervisor quite urgently starting on the 15th Jan. I am rather lazy. Other than that, I have lots of things on my to-do list! I would not want to commit into that work yet not finishing the more important ones. Yet, I feel like sampah masyarakat now TT [Anyway, my uncle is not supportive of me working in non-related fields =.=]


This is not the time of indecisiveness,

The one who is sick and tired.

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