The to-do list of busy bee! *updated*

  1. Gathering with the girls (Ann, Em and Pat)
  2. KK shopping trip with Shee Yunn
  3. Gathering with the girls (Ann, Em, Pat and Wei Kee) with Yun
  4. Gathering with Theng, Ann, Ling and Wei Kee
  5. Make an appointment with Dr Sabrina (re-appointment)
  6. Appointment with Dr Sabrina
  7. Get medications (Oh no! The list for medication is LONGER =.=)
  8. Meet UBD lecturers
  9. Apply for RA positions
  10. Enquire about Master in Science by research
  11. File a “Brunei” police report
  12. Clean the room [Undergoing]
  13. Get unwanted clothing/toys/etc donated
  14. Replace Brunei ID
  15. Get provisional license
  16. Set time to study law (three classes) [Undergoing]
  17. Set time to sit for law exam
  18. Set time to learn driving (minimum ten hours)
  19. Send/reply ALL emails =.=
  20. Get Shee Yunn the journal articles she wanted
  21. Re-arrange ALL the textbooks (Monash)
  22. Read-up on the approved proposal on DSSC (and hope I score the job!)
  23. Bake the cake! (Some ingredients missing/Lazy)
  24. Enquire about violin classes for kids
  25. Enquire about piano and violin classes for adult
  26. Make tang yuen 
  27. to be continue =(

Busy bee,

The one who dislikes not being able to drive =(


After five days, I revisited this post. And those in bold and crossed over are those done in these five days. Easy task but took so many days. Obviously I have been bumming and can you actually believe that my room is still uncleaned? o.O gahh! Miss Lazy in the house!

Bumming around,

The one who wishes she could safely pass her driving test!


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