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Been sometime

I still haven’t forgot about my blog. Just been busy! And lazy =P

Wanted to talk about two matters specifically.

First of all, I have been baking a lot. So far, very nice chocolate almond cookies, scones, kueh batik, cinnamon rolls, bread and butter pudding, chocolate pear pudding, yoghurt cupcakes, banana walnut cupcakes, plain cookies, etc…

Been trying to fill up my time. Have been too free. And it has been some five years or so that I did not bake! But it was also because Aunt Iti is here to wash everything =P Otherwise, I do not think I would bake at all.

Oh and I brought back memories of the times in Paris when I made the mushroom rice. It is very easy yet something everyone would easily love =P After Paris, I made it once again in year 1 of uni. I remembered on that day, Jeou Yee was angry with XXXXXX (which is really rare as Jeou Yee does not get angry with people so easily – especially having someone like me who is so ()&*&%^*%*^!#$% hahaha!). Must thank Jeou Yee for being so tolerant with me and have always and still is such a good friend! Ok, it could not be said as angry. He was just frustrated with something that happened, specifically related to that person. ><

And there was also something that happened between two friends. At that point, after cooking the rice, I felt so frustrated that I was half scolding/half frustrated at Jeou Yee. I was so lost and very frustrated. But Jeou Yee was ever patient with me! HAHAHA.. memories. Oh well… those were the times.

Secondly (and also lastly unless digress), is about… eating too much! LOL. Its been good food all the day. I bake stuff but I seldom eat them. Don’t know why. Just when you spent so much effort, you seldom want to eat much of it. Now I know how my aunt feels LOL But still, I ate too much! ><

ohhh my! My second point was supposed to be on a certain person. I treasure this person a lot as friend. But then this person maybe forgot everyone has a limit. I, am for once, a person with a limit. Just because I chose not to care does not mean I will always not care. Yes, I feel hurt. And I will remain silent about it. I do not need that person to apologise but if that person does, I guess I will get over the feeling quicker! ><


Ahhh.. would be on plane again soon! Hope its a good trip!

Stop being lazy,

The one who should go on diet (!!!)


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Receiving the blessings

It has been some time I did not chat with Seong Hoong. But the short chat just now I had with him, wanting to just catch up, made me realised how lucky I am. Rather than saying its all about luck, I probably should say its more of a blessings.

It was a blessing I was given the extra choices and more chances to stay abroad, being able to attend Monash University. Missing the intake for the Australian campus did not mean not being able to join Monash =P

And really, in that three years, I have met a lot of people. People who walked and left some foot prints. People who cared enough to say hi and bye. People who care enough to simply care! Most of all, people who are friends. Friends who really made deep footprints.

I am so glad that these few months, despite lesser communication, we still try to keep in touch. Even by the littlest way. I am just easily satisfied. If you all think its nothing much, it is alright. Because to me, its the trivial things that really mattered. The bonds hold strong! ❤ Thank you for all the friendships!

But what also made me think I received abundant of blessings, are not merely the friendships only, not the material gains of gifts and postcards/cards/snailmails (yes, postcards/cards/snailmails mean more than any gifts to me by any persons =P), its the realisation that it was the right time and right place that I got to pursue what I want in my future.

Seong Hoong dreams of being in a very elite place. Of course, that would also be my dream, if not everyone else. Who does not want better things, even if it is just in terms of academics? I of course wish him with all my heart, the bestest luck. Although I won’t be joining any elite institute but I would always bear in mind, I have the greatest blessing already. To be able to pursue what I want, in where I want and in all happiness!

I might not be at a place I really aim to be in five years time. But I still hope that my dream of travelling the world will be true one day! Well, most probably not travelling the world as I aim to stay a good few years in a place and then shift and the cycle continues =P But I recently add into my dreams, to build a dream house! 😉 Well, dearest friends, my dream house would have guest rooms to accommodate you all! So, wish me the bestest of all luck =P

Best of luck everyone,

The one who is counting her blessings  while learning to be contented ❤

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Wish List 2011

1. A NEW car (Thinking between Suzuki Swift and Nissan Latio) Any suggestions?

2. Being able to successfully EMPLOY a new maid (call me boss please).

3. A new leather wallet.

4. A new hand bag, preferably leather.

5. A book – I forgot the title =( I saw it in MPH, Sunway (Malaysia) which I really wanted but then I had too much luggage. Did not get it. Sigh. Its a book which compiled 300 must read children stories!

6. A watch. I forgot the brand. It was just BND160. I saw that model in Soon Lee Kuala Belait. But anything similar would be nice. I do not know how to describe. It is something with an “attitude” yet “feminine”.

7. A new pair of Nike (Air) or New Balance sneaker.

8. A new pair of leather shoes (Camel Active pair was really good but I prefer another new pair – I do not mind getting another pair of Camel Active)

9. A trendy yet comfortable sandals [I got a new pair of wedge (Sailor style) – Not as high as my black wedge or my boots, but not practical for all day use – Not flexible].

10. A new pair of sunnies (with lens suitable to my eyes)

11. A mahjong set (normal size, and if its unique, better more)

Lots of wants!!!

The one who wants to get all those things with the money she earns (perhaps except the car… errr… I do not mind to get some gifts too though =P).

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