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Driving lessons

I really really want to rant about how bad my driving teacher is. But I just did it to Ann. Hence, more relieved. DAMN

But I cannot re-iterate how bad my driving teacher is. Maybe I should be glad that she still let me know what I am supposed to know. But it does not help when she keeps on SMS-ing, talking on the phone or MAKE-UP (yes she does!) all the time when teaching me. OR EATING.

Everytime when she teaches me for an hour, she is late 10 to 15 minutes. And let me finish ten minutes earlier. So it is like 40 minutes for every hour. FRUSTRATED!

And today she made me wait from 1pm to 2.45pm! My classes was schedules at 1pm till 3pm. She reached only at 2.45pm and taught me till 3.50pm. Yet she had to say I learnt for one and a half hours already =.= I directly told her we started at 2.45pm! SIGH. What teacher is this?! GRRRRRR

I hope she teach me how to park properly. I have least confidence in that only now.

Please save me!

The one who dislikes people who are not punctual!


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The End of My Beginning

Yes, I have come to an end, THE END of a great beginning. =)

End of 2010, I have the reason to keep bumming around – I have yet to be a graduand. But, from 9th of March 2011 onwards, that reason is obsolete. Yet, I am unemployed. HAHA

Well, put that aside first for now. I just got back from KL and am sick during the whole flight till back. And still sick >< Would like to just recap on the past few months.

Past few months was a great resting time but I did quite some stuff too. First of all, I was very proactive and determined. I went in search of a possible lecturer to be my supervisor for Master in Science by research. And I got that =D

And by the time I got a suitable supervisor, I missed the January 2011 intake. Hence I am now waiting for the August 2011 intake. But I have yet to hand in my application forms and proposal. Oh well, I might change my mind out of a sudden =P

Meanwhile, I plan to work as a research assistant for my soon-to-be supervisor but there are lots to be deal with as the process (either by the government department or UBD) is really troublesome.

After that, I went to sign up for driving lessons and now it is in progress. Hope to get my car license before April 2011 =)

Throughout all those times, I was baking! =) Something that I have not been doing for a long long time! Ohhh myyyy! Maybe I should add in pictures of my baking! =PIMG_2574Marmalade bread and butter pudding IMG_2515Scones IMG_2546Cinnamon rolls (without cream cheese) IMG_2568Chocolate pear puddingIMG_2141 Chocolate almond cookies (which are what I brought over during my graduation convocation to be shared with my friends <3)IMG_2132 Nigella Lawson cookies. I must say this is not as good as my other baked goods =P But, not too bad! hahaha

Joyous life,

The one who should stop bumming around!

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