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As usual…

As usual, I will be fine after crying.

I think I am fine now. Just do not talk to me about it. I am all good.

Hopefully after three years, I will be away from here. AWAY.

Rather if I can, I would totally choose to be away from here now. NOW.

But I know its not a wise move.

I will armor up and prepare myself to face everything and be ready to fly in three years time.

I know I can do it.


Stay strong,

The one who is determined to achieve what she truly wants in her heart.


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At this moment in time…

I am so disheartened.

I am so disappointed.

I am so depressed.

You know? I never wanted all these. We used to be good together. Very good.

Just because of one incident. He was in a crappy mood. I was in my very crappy mood. We argued. We fought. He never let go. NEVER.

After that, everything, every single thing he said or do to me, I just tolerated. Every time he simply said anything to whoever, I just take it in. I JUST TOOK THEM ALL IN. Whatever their response, I just take it. He is always so biased. Talking shits just as if he is the saint and I am the devil.

You can be all the saint you want. I do not even care!

This is the very last time. I would not tolerate no more shit. NO MORE!

I will not be sad over people like this. Just in the future, never ask for my help. NEVER. DO NOT EVER. I WILL JUST LAUGH IT OFF! FOR A LIFETIME UNTIL YOU MAKE A PROPER APOLOGY TO ME IN WRITING AND ALSO FACE TO FACE.

I do not know how long I will remember this,

The one who is writing this at the verge of a volcanic eruption.

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The perfect ten!

It has been a long time that I made a list of ten things about the recent happenings. Well, mostly because I had a long hiatus from blogging =P

So here we go… And its going to be a random one =P

1. I feel tired. Very tired. Mostly after work although I do not do much at work. I think I really need my afternoon naps! The guys at the marketing are really smart for having their naps during the lunch break and only eat during work hours. Ok, that is not true for all instances. But, still! I live so near. Can be said as the nearest yet I can’t go home =( I should probably offer someone a bed and so we can just go rest together! HAHAHA…

2. I am learning to not use my phone as much – avoid being called an antisocial on outings =P HAHAHA. Ok, I never used my phone that much anyway. Facebook games, Facebook itself, MSN, Gmail and blog used to keep me really busy. BUT… I have decided to cut off Facebook games (very successful about it – has been half a year or so?). Now I am trying to limit Facebooking to once a day (pretty successful, but maybe I should say ten minutes per day =P)

IMG_3828 3. I went to try potatotwistic! Almost the same price as those at Malaysia. But not bad! =) Just the potatoes were not sliced thin enough.

4. I am still learning how to swim and not even half way near my goals!

5. I am still seriously thinking about continuing my piano lessons. I am so tired and sometimes, I have to work over the weekend. Work is sapping away my own life! =(

6. I will be working this weekend. SIGH. I think it will actually affect my swimming lessons. And I am missing out on my weekend just because of work. AND I TOTALLY DO NOT LIKE IT. The more reason to quit eh?

7. I still haven’t forgotten about my wish to continue what I wanted few months ago. And the work is not so interesting and hence has kept my wish alive. I really hope I get a more solid answer soon!

8. My NEED to travel is pushing me day by day! And I have got my tickets! Albeit a bit too far in the future, it will soon come! =D WHEEEE~

9. And just because of point 8., I have to live like a pauper. CAN I? =( SIGHHHH

10. My phone gone haywire. I need a new one. Can I wait till iPhone 5???

Living like a pauper,

The one who is not strong-willed about it =P

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Back in action!

Yes, after a week, I am back to my lessons! Was just plain lazy and moody lazt week and so did not go for my lessons! =P

Today I perfected my freestyle and learnt to swim the backstroke! =D I hope I can swim backstroke real soon. I already can feel how relaxing it is =D HEHEHE

Anyway, today at work, E was absent. It was not a totally bad day but I really loathe how P acts like she is the big boss around. Maybe because my HR manager and R are both not in too! *fumes*

But swimming really took my mind off lots of things. I felt so happy swimming. This would be something that replaces cycling for the time being albeit the difference. Nonetheless, I still miss the breeze going against me when cycle downhill!

With my schedule now, should I take up piano lessons and also violin lessons? I do not want to be way too ambitious, trying to fit everything into  my tiring working life! HOW?

On a side note, I should start saving in order to make my trips to Macau/HK and Canada/USA come true. START SAVING AND STOP SPENDING WOMAN!


The one who would just love to enjoy life!

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I have always been quite intrigued by horoscopes. I am a Science student and knows those are just not some logical stuff. But if it has been studied for such a long time and is still being studied, surviving the civilization era, I believe there is some truth in it =P

And recently I have been reading, mostly in Chinese, about horoscopes. Ok, I never bothered much with others. I just read mine =P HAHA… And I find them rather true.

And I felt the urge to blog right after reading one that was on my temperament. And there it goes:

非常重视修养的水瓶座,是不会与人正面冲突的。但是他会计算合作夥伴存在的必要性。面对工作的不顺心,通常会选择逃避。被动的瓶子,不喜欢别人催促他工 作,也不喜欢被别人探究隐私。因此和瓶子工作,最好保持适当的距离,不要过问他的私事,想要掌握他的工作进度是不可能的,把他逼急了?A只是会找不到他而 已。



Sorry to those who cannot read Chinese but there is always Google Translate =P And this is reflected in my previous post in which I talked about how I was “flared” at work –>

I never dared to open up a war right there and then, I never dared to confront her on what had happened but chose to be angry there myself. Probably this is just really me. But its all good because right after I typed them all out, I was rather relieved. Not only that, it also did not bother me anymore. =)

And oh, I think its a suitable time to say I will be on another hiatus from Facebook. BUT… not blogging. Whether its long or short, I do not know =P

Lots of love,

The one who is prepared to go out and shop herself silly!

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Work rant #1

Note: I typed this right after it happened to get the “flame” off. And it worked. could not post because at work, they gave us some crappy ancient version of internet explorer ONLY to use! =S


I really have very bad tolerance towards people who have bad manners.

I have been tolerating since the first few days. The way she will just order me or others around. So I am now in CS team consisting of E, her (P), S and A. I always cannot tolerate how she would always talk to S, its like always in a bad tone and ordering. I totally do not know how S can tolerate for so long! I know of course S would bitch about her behind her, but nonetheless, she maintained her cool!

Today I was assigned to assist her in giving her presentation. Yesterday, I attended it… I was not the one sitting nearest the lights yesterday and she did not ask SH (her assistant then) to switch it off, she had to ask me. Today, she did not also ask those who sit near or AT THE SAME PLACE as I was sitting YESTERDAY. She had to ask ME again. Without please and thank you.

Nevermind about that, E asked me to remind P regarding the putting down dates. What is the use of the reminder when its said only after that? So I told her before she tell the salespersons. YET, she has to go tell me off, not once but twice saying that she will tell! HELLO? I AM JUST FOLLOWING E’s ORDER TO REMIND YOU!

Nevermind about that, I brought along the DSLR to take a few shots as how I observed E did. I just took one or two. But P said I should take more pics and at every new situation, like when there is the presentation going on, when the people are filling in questionnaires, etc. Yet halfway through, SHE TOLD ME NOT TO TAKE PICS ANYMORE CAUSE I TOOK TOO MUCH. I would really love to think that she is menopausing to make myself feel better! SO HARD TO PLEASE! grrrr…

Then comes to the point she asked me to inform the salesperson of the points for checklist. I did it yet she seemed unsatisfied. Keep looking at my notebook on whether I did jot down or not too. Then comes the question and answer part, she asked me to jot down the questions right after the trainees got the card. I did it yet she kept pushing me to do it again. I have to continuously tell her I did it ALREADY! She also had to keep the cards scattered to ask me to jot AGAIN after the session AFTER asking me on the spot.

After that, she ordered me around without saying thank you, please etc. I do not think I deserve such treatment! Like seriously. That is cause nobody is seeing, only the salespersons and my branch manager is right at the other end. Case in point, she asked for my pen and then returned to me just like that AND also ordered me to deal with a salesperson who left early, BOTH with NO courtesy.

When I was back in office after the training, my HR manager, Marketing manger and Sales manager were there, and she said thank you after asking me to help her go look for a salesman! I just cannot tolerate people who would PRETEND to be courteous and nice in front of the superiors only. If you all try to convince me its because she is menopausing or just she forgot, please stop. Cause if its really that way, it won’t be like all the time! I have been here for more than a month already!

I have reached the very limit that even IF she EVER say sorry, it would TOTALLY sound like I have just put on lots of lies about her. I DO NOT WANT SORRY FROM HER AT ALL IF SHE CANNOT CHANGE! grrrr!

Trying not to judge at the first place but after a month…

The one who is already feeling better after rants!

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My lifeeeeeeee!

U noe wat? Js less than two days ago, I read bak at wat I blogged n felt so ashamed.

YES! I was typing like what I did above there! And it actually took me longer to type that sentence than to type these few sentences now! LOL

Cannot believe I have had that stage eh? I am better trained now =P I know cause it irks me that the Cleo magazine of Singapore actually does have those lingos in them! Well, not really a big matter. Just I think, in printed materials, its better to have them proper, no? =P

I even told one of my colleagues about it; how childish and he had to say I am STILL like that. DAMN SAD! I have grown up alright? A big girl now =P

Anyway, I wanted to post about this last night but then I went to bed real early after deciding to skip swimming lesson. Today, I stayed up to make up for the time I lost yesterday! Just joking =P HAHAHA

I was out on a date with Ratna and Wedya. Been such a long time! And I got to watch a movie. The seats were almost full, there were some seats which were really near to the screens… Ratna was there “bargaining”… She actually had a good looks to use, so why not? =P You know what? The guy actually gave us three seats right up at the last third row, rather than the initial third row seats!~ He changed the phone booking seats =P Never expected that to happen! =P If I were the one who booked through phone, I would totally be upset about it! HAHA

Oh myyy, its 1.35am! There is a training tomorrow (which I reckon would be boring). And after every training there is an exam. GAHHHH… I thought my exam days were over after the driving test! =(

Sniff sniff,

The one who should get some eye shut now!

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