Some happenings

1. Free circus =D It was for the annual Francophonie week. Held at Jerudong Amphitheatre. Was there with Ling, Theng, Jane and Ming =D After that, we even had some crappy food at the stalls before heading for some rides at the now re-opened park =DIMG_35562. Short job stint at The Body Shop office. It was some great times with the guys Dean, Abu, Remy and Rhel. They are the warehouse team! =D The girls were awesome too but they were too busy to really talk most of the times =P IMG_3550That was Abu, playing with the KOLA accessory for my camera =P

3. Joined a new company and it was my HR manager , Madam Helen Wong’s birthday. So far, Helen seemed to be a great person. Kind and nice. Very friendly and approachable =D And apparently, her son and I have mutual friends. Brunei is really that small eh? HAHAIMG_3591 4. The company’s annual dinner. Usually I won’t attend such functions. My initial answer to them was a “NO” too because I had to make the decision to go or not in just a mere few days on starting my new job. But it proved to be a great decision to go because I was very entertained by some of the shows. There were these two old men who were such good comedians. (I am easily satisfied =P) HAHAHAIMG_3600

5. Roadshow at Seri Kiulap Mall. It was not my first time to go out of the office during working hours. I did that earlier last time with Reese (HR Admin), Jeremy and Zach (Marketing exec) to go collect some sponsored gifts for the annual dinner and also to cash out the cheque at Baiduri. This roadshow was the first I was out to have a short observation (Nothing much actually =P)IMG_36206. Got four free tickets worth BND100 each to watch a musical play by autistic kids. Throughout I was really entertained eventhough its not a world class play. I feel like i can related to those family and kids. My baby sis is NOT autistic but she is a slow learner in terms of speech. Just only last two week that my baby sis starts to talk more and express herself more. Albeit not in proper sentences, I am still happy to see such improvement =) IMG_3642 7. International buffet at Empire Hotel and Country Club. A family gathering =D It was also to celebrate my aunt and my brother’s birthday! sadly the table was a long one, did not really get to talk to everyone. But it was good enough to gather and sat there eating =PIMG_3671 IMG_3678 8. I treated my family and aunt/uncles/cousins and GRANDMAAAAA to dim sum at Lucky restaurant. I guess I still miss Klang, Malaysia’s dimsum =P HAHAHA… No one could book a table other than me. I guess I am really lucky =P HEHEHE… Reached there having a table reserved felt good =P And it was also Mother’s day! =)

9. Went to learn (or rather, refresh) some basic make up skills with my sis and her bunch of friends. Ok ok, I was just there to have fun =P hehehe… I met with my previous make-up and training manager. She was previously in The Body Shop and now works for The Face Shop. IMG_3705 10. Had a family photoshoot. We never really had one. And this is a good one =D Its still in printing and editing. Hope it comes out good =)IMG_3734 IMG_3735    IMG_3773  11. Had another Vietnamese spring roll session! The baby cousins really enjoyed! =D They even held their own version of Masterchef, Rice-Paper-Chef! HAHAHAAIMG_3781 IMG_3784 IMG_3786 Good times good times,

The one who cherishes good moments ❤


p.s. i only posted those of which i have pics in my camera only. Lazy to get my harddisk and post on all those older pics. Sorry if my promises were broken. BUT, trust me, I still believe that promise is NEVER meant to be broken. =)


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