My lifeeeeeeee!

U noe wat? Js less than two days ago, I read bak at wat I blogged n felt so ashamed.

YES! I was typing like what I did above there! And it actually took me longer to type that sentence than to type these few sentences now! LOL

Cannot believe I have had that stage eh? I am better trained now =P I know cause it irks me that the Cleo magazine of Singapore actually does have those lingos in them! Well, not really a big matter. Just I think, in printed materials, its better to have them proper, no? =P

I even told one of my colleagues about it; how childish and he had to say I am STILL like that. DAMN SAD! I have grown up alright? A big girl now =P

Anyway, I wanted to post about this last night but then I went to bed real early after deciding to skip swimming lesson. Today, I stayed up to make up for the time I lost yesterday! Just joking =P HAHAHA

I was out on a date with Ratna and Wedya. Been such a long time! And I got to watch a movie. The seats were almost full, there were some seats which were really near to the screens… Ratna was there “bargaining”… She actually had a good looks to use, so why not? =P You know what? The guy actually gave us three seats right up at the last third row, rather than the initial third row seats!~ He changed the phone booking seats =P Never expected that to happen! =P If I were the one who booked through phone, I would totally be upset about it! HAHA

Oh myyy, its 1.35am! There is a training tomorrow (which I reckon would be boring). And after every training there is an exam. GAHHHH… I thought my exam days were over after the driving test! =(

Sniff sniff,

The one who should get some eye shut now!


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