I have always been quite intrigued by horoscopes. I am a Science student and knows those are just not some logical stuff. But if it has been studied for such a long time and is still being studied, surviving the civilization era, I believe there is some truth in it =P

And recently I have been reading, mostly in Chinese, about horoscopes. Ok, I never bothered much with others. I just read mine =P HAHA… And I find them rather true.

And I felt the urge to blog right after reading one that was on my temperament. And there it goes:

非常重视修养的水瓶座,是不会与人正面冲突的。但是他会计算合作夥伴存在的必要性。面对工作的不顺心,通常会选择逃避。被动的瓶子,不喜欢别人催促他工 作,也不喜欢被别人探究隐私。因此和瓶子工作,最好保持适当的距离,不要过问他的私事,想要掌握他的工作进度是不可能的,把他逼急了?A只是会找不到他而 已。



Sorry to those who cannot read Chinese but there is always Google Translate =P And this is reflected in my previous post in which I talked about how I was “flared” at work –>

I never dared to open up a war right there and then, I never dared to confront her on what had happened but chose to be angry there myself. Probably this is just really me. But its all good because right after I typed them all out, I was rather relieved. Not only that, it also did not bother me anymore. =)

And oh, I think its a suitable time to say I will be on another hiatus from Facebook. BUT… not blogging. Whether its long or short, I do not know =P

Lots of love,

The one who is prepared to go out and shop herself silly!


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