Work rant #1

Note: I typed this right after it happened to get the “flame” off. And it worked. could not post because at work, they gave us some crappy ancient version of internet explorer ONLY to use! =S


I really have very bad tolerance towards people who have bad manners.

I have been tolerating since the first few days. The way she will just order me or others around. So I am now in CS team consisting of E, her (P), S and A. I always cannot tolerate how she would always talk to S, its like always in a bad tone and ordering. I totally do not know how S can tolerate for so long! I know of course S would bitch about her behind her, but nonetheless, she maintained her cool!

Today I was assigned to assist her in giving her presentation. Yesterday, I attended it… I was not the one sitting nearest the lights yesterday and she did not ask SH (her assistant then) to switch it off, she had to ask me. Today, she did not also ask those who sit near or AT THE SAME PLACE as I was sitting YESTERDAY. She had to ask ME again. Without please and thank you.

Nevermind about that, E asked me to remind P regarding the putting down dates. What is the use of the reminder when its said only after that? So I told her before she tell the salespersons. YET, she has to go tell me off, not once but twice saying that she will tell! HELLO? I AM JUST FOLLOWING E’s ORDER TO REMIND YOU!

Nevermind about that, I brought along the DSLR to take a few shots as how I observed E did. I just took one or two. But P said I should take more pics and at every new situation, like when there is the presentation going on, when the people are filling in questionnaires, etc. Yet halfway through, SHE TOLD ME NOT TO TAKE PICS ANYMORE CAUSE I TOOK TOO MUCH. I would really love to think that she is menopausing to make myself feel better! SO HARD TO PLEASE! grrrr…

Then comes to the point she asked me to inform the salesperson of the points for checklist. I did it yet she seemed unsatisfied. Keep looking at my notebook on whether I did jot down or not too. Then comes the question and answer part, she asked me to jot down the questions right after the trainees got the card. I did it yet she kept pushing me to do it again. I have to continuously tell her I did it ALREADY! She also had to keep the cards scattered to ask me to jot AGAIN after the session AFTER asking me on the spot.

After that, she ordered me around without saying thank you, please etc. I do not think I deserve such treatment! Like seriously. That is cause nobody is seeing, only the salespersons and my branch manager is right at the other end. Case in point, she asked for my pen and then returned to me just like that AND also ordered me to deal with a salesperson who left early, BOTH with NO courtesy.

When I was back in office after the training, my HR manager, Marketing manger and Sales manager were there, and she said thank you after asking me to help her go look for a salesman! I just cannot tolerate people who would PRETEND to be courteous and nice in front of the superiors only. If you all try to convince me its because she is menopausing or just she forgot, please stop. Cause if its really that way, it won’t be like all the time! I have been here for more than a month already!

I have reached the very limit that even IF she EVER say sorry, it would TOTALLY sound like I have just put on lots of lies about her. I DO NOT WANT SORRY FROM HER AT ALL IF SHE CANNOT CHANGE! grrrr!

Trying not to judge at the first place but after a month…

The one who is already feeling better after rants!


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