The perfect ten!

It has been a long time that I made a list of ten things about the recent happenings. Well, mostly because I had a long hiatus from blogging =P

So here we go… And its going to be a random one =P

1. I feel tired. Very tired. Mostly after work although I do not do much at work. I think I really need my afternoon naps! The guys at the marketing are really smart for having their naps during the lunch break and only eat during work hours. Ok, that is not true for all instances. But, still! I live so near. Can be said as the nearest yet I can’t go home =( I should probably offer someone a bed and so we can just go rest together! HAHAHA…

2. I am learning to not use my phone as much – avoid being called an antisocial on outings =P HAHAHA. Ok, I never used my phone that much anyway. Facebook games, Facebook itself, MSN, Gmail and blog used to keep me really busy. BUT… I have decided to cut off Facebook games (very successful about it – has been half a year or so?). Now I am trying to limit Facebooking to once a day (pretty successful, but maybe I should say ten minutes per day =P)

IMG_3828 3. I went to try potatotwistic! Almost the same price as those at Malaysia. But not bad! =) Just the potatoes were not sliced thin enough.

4. I am still learning how to swim and not even half way near my goals!

5. I am still seriously thinking about continuing my piano lessons. I am so tired and sometimes, I have to work over the weekend. Work is sapping away my own life! =(

6. I will be working this weekend. SIGH. I think it will actually affect my swimming lessons. And I am missing out on my weekend just because of work. AND I TOTALLY DO NOT LIKE IT. The more reason to quit eh?

7. I still haven’t forgotten about my wish to continue what I wanted few months ago. And the work is not so interesting and hence has kept my wish alive. I really hope I get a more solid answer soon!

8. My NEED to travel is pushing me day by day! And I have got my tickets! Albeit a bit too far in the future, it will soon come! =D WHEEEE~

9. And just because of point 8., I have to live like a pauper. CAN I? =( SIGHHHH

10. My phone gone haywire. I need a new one. Can I wait till iPhone 5???

Living like a pauper,

The one who is not strong-willed about it =P


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