At this moment in time…

I am so disheartened.

I am so disappointed.

I am so depressed.

You know? I never wanted all these. We used to be good together. Very good.

Just because of one incident. He was in a crappy mood. I was in my very crappy mood. We argued. We fought. He never let go. NEVER.

After that, everything, every single thing he said or do to me, I just tolerated. Every time he simply said anything to whoever, I just take it in. I JUST TOOK THEM ALL IN. Whatever their response, I just take it. He is always so biased. Talking shits just as if he is the saint and I am the devil.

You can be all the saint you want. I do not even care!

This is the very last time. I would not tolerate no more shit. NO MORE!

I will not be sad over people like this. Just in the future, never ask for my help. NEVER. DO NOT EVER. I WILL JUST LAUGH IT OFF! FOR A LIFETIME UNTIL YOU MAKE A PROPER APOLOGY TO ME IN WRITING AND ALSO FACE TO FACE.

I do not know how long I will remember this,

The one who is writing this at the verge of a volcanic eruption.


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    One who is equally disheartened said,


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