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What a fantastic day! =P

I felt so awesome today! =P Maybe thinking positive right before sleeping really does help! Remember my last post? I ended it very positively but woke up to a bad start in the morning! I was forty five minutes late to the office =( Made up by staying for another forty five minutes when others left! Yet when I reached the office, few hours into work, I got good news!tumblr_ljzjgvSKDb1qzpn0wo1_500THE CHEESE! =P

To or not to accept a challenge! It would be a tough work, requiring lots of interest and effort. VERY CONFIDENTIAL. The life wire of the whole company! PRODUCT SIDE OF MARKETING! 😉 What a sudden change but I am so happy upon hearing about it! 😉

Right after lunch, I got to be at my new seat and get t hings moving 😉 Before the day ends, I got a laptop of my own from the company. Things went pretty smoothly other than the occasional threats from Jeremy and Helen. HAHA… But I like the environment much better and I think I would be able to cope better =D

No more working in suppressive environment! No more vague misleading instructions. No more!!!

Its game on,

The one who is positive in making things work! 😉


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The zombieeeee

Gahhh! Dislike over-napping =(

Its FOUR AM! And I am still awake. Going over the Tumblr posts ❤

1. This is so true!tumblr_ler1paG8L71qzpn0wo1_500 Ok, minus the anything positive part. =P teehee

2. Books books books!tumblr_ljvbdnbRvm1qzl3wjo1_500I super love them. That’s why the rate at which I buy them is higher than the rate at which I read them. This is baddddd LOL

3. Om nom nom nom…tumblr_lhy6kfvBKS1qzpn0wo1_500 I love the cookies I bake. But I do not really feel like eating them! HAHAHA.. ironic at its best =P I just do not know why, I don’t really feel like eating what I baked. I enjoying seeing others enjoying my cookies more ^^

4. I have not been posting much of my picturestumblr_lk9zaaLpDl1qg20l0o1_500 Sorry. I actually snap lesser pictures nowadays. But I cannot deny how I still love it!tumblr_lk34yjUhRT1qd646ho1_500 5. Sad but true…tumblr_le8r6w7b1I1qzpn0wo1_500 HAHAHA! Am I not kiddie enough? =P

Ok, I shall stop at five. I really should get some eye shut. I wonder how it would be like at work later! =S

Stay positive darling!

The one who is hungryyyyyyy!

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Ok, that is not true. I never thought of that as a kid. But I really love balloons. They put a smile on my face 😉 Remembering the times when I had balloons in the supermarket and kids wanting to take them away from me. As childish as I am, I did not give them =P HAHA

Oh! And how I took back some balloons after dinner in A&W, Sunway. Not forgetting how the clown gave me two balloons. I think I love him. CAUSE OF THE BALLOONS!

AHHHH! And UP! What a beautiful love story. CARL AND ELLIE ❤71582_123536047703769_106095279447846_156388_6658574_n Balloons!

The one who does not mind being a kid =P

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Such scenes are always so sweet. Reminds me of the walks in parks around Neuilly Sur Seine. In Paris, there was where I see more of the old couples walking hand in hand together… Awww…

I once even have a small talk with an old couple. The woman could not really speak English but understand whereas the man is slightly deaf but could speak English quite well. The woman would use all her patience to tell the man what I said and the man would reply me. Their interactions touched me deeply.

Believing in long lasting love,

The one who knows this is NOT a fairy tale 😉

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Medical Check-up

Yesterday was my first ever time doing a full check up. It was not really detailed. But good enough to see my general health I guess? I will have to wait for the blood and urine tests to come out. Oh! And also my chest X-ray!

When checking my ears, they found that the skin is thin and reddish. No cotton buds! GAHHHH! But when I go swim, the water always manage to just get stuck in there and make me feel SOOOOOO UNCOMFORTABLE! =(

And needless to say, when it comes to getting blood samples, I nearly fainted. Ok, that was not what actually happened. I just made the officer waited for some time. He could have taken three samples! LOL… He told me: “OF COURSE ITS PAINFUL” =.= And yes, its darn painful =( But NO! I did not cry! *brave girl*

But the x-ray and urine samples were the most torturous one! Right after the x-ray, JUST RIGHT AFTER! no moment for doubt, I felt something gush into my chest and out again. Maybe its what people feel when a spirit try to move into their body and failed *touch wood!* And then, its nausea all the way till after my swimming lesson at night. GAHHHH… As if its not bad enough, I had few bouts of motion sickness. Talk about how nauseous one can get!

As for taking urine samples. IT TOOK AGES! I drank a whole big bottle but NO URINE SAMPLES! Right after I left, I need to go to the loo twice (in a rush!( >< pfftttt

I guess the best news is my teeth/dental part is satisfactory. But I will go back for a routine check-up and then possibly ask about putting on braces! =) We shall see! 😉

Till then,

The one who needs to rest soon =D

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