Medical Check-up

Yesterday was my first ever time doing a full check up. It was not really detailed. But good enough to see my general health I guess? I will have to wait for the blood and urine tests to come out. Oh! And also my chest X-ray!

When checking my ears, they found that the skin is thin and reddish. No cotton buds! GAHHHH! But when I go swim, the water always manage to just get stuck in there and make me feel SOOOOOO UNCOMFORTABLE! =(

And needless to say, when it comes to getting blood samples, I nearly fainted. Ok, that was not what actually happened. I just made the officer waited for some time. He could have taken three samples! LOL… He told me: “OF COURSE ITS PAINFUL” =.= And yes, its darn painful =( But NO! I did not cry! *brave girl*

But the x-ray and urine samples were the most torturous one! Right after the x-ray, JUST RIGHT AFTER! no moment for doubt, I felt something gush into my chest and out again. Maybe its what people feel when a spirit try to move into their body and failed *touch wood!* And then, its nausea all the way till after my swimming lesson at night. GAHHHH… As if its not bad enough, I had few bouts of motion sickness. Talk about how nauseous one can get!

As for taking urine samples. IT TOOK AGES! I drank a whole big bottle but NO URINE SAMPLES! Right after I left, I need to go to the loo twice (in a rush!( >< pfftttt

I guess the best news is my teeth/dental part is satisfactory. But I will go back for a routine check-up and then possibly ask about putting on braces! =) We shall see! 😉

Till then,

The one who needs to rest soon =D


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