What a lifestyle!

I overate for dinner as my dad cooked! Family dinner ❤ And my cousin from Kuching is here for a month before leaving for Australia. Hence I got my Kuching kolomee ❤ YUMS!

Right after dinner, went home for awhile and went shopping again =.= I did not know what is Tony Moly and when I stepped in, I do not have an urge to buy things at all. IMG_4193 But the boss is really good at selling things! HAHA. And guess what? Kelly Bong is a friend of my aunts! =S World is so small! Anyway how, she was really good in promoting her goods. We walked home with more than BND120 worth of goods and a lifetime membership! 😉 AND LOTS OF FREEBIES =P

Things are considerably more expensive than Holika Holika but certainly better quality. Holika Holika just seems like a shop for teenage girls who want all their things to smell nice and fruity =/ *no offense* But Holika Holika has a good Hyaluronic Acid Serum (or something like that). I am already using AquaJuJu Aqua Moist, so it does not really make much difference =P

After that, Judy had not eaten yet. So we accompanied her to Escapade. WHO CAN RESIST SUCH NICE JAPANESE FOOD? OMG, I feel so bloated now =(

It was still a good night nonetheless,

The one who enjoyed the shopping albeit the I-am-so-full-I-can-die feeling.


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